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I've tried a couple all-foam mattresses with fancy gels and polymers, but I still slept hot and they offered no support. Yours does not have any of those problems, thanks.

March 2017, Dian S. From Miami Beach, FL

I feel like I have a lot more energy now and I've even lost a few pounds without changing anything else in my daily routine. I didn't realize my sleep was suffering that badly before.

March 2017, Caroline G. From Chicago IL

I've always loved my memory foam toppers, but now I realize that memory foam was just to cope with all the poor quality. Trust me, this Amore does not need any memory foam.

March 2017, Collette A. From Tempe AZ.

I'm sooo pissed I spent all that money on that tempurpedic years ago. And I can't believe I actually considered doing it again. I'm glad I found you guys; this thing sleeps way cooler.

March 2017, Yvette R. From Downers Grove, IL

I don't know if it's the copper or if I really needed a new mattress that badly, but this Medium really helped my neck and back problems. I'm actually able to exercise again.

March 2017, Shannon H. From San Diego, CA

Technology certainly has come a long ways since I bought my last mattress. Super comfortable. AAAA+++++

March 2017, Summer C. From New York, NY

This thing actually feels better than anything that I laid on in the store.

March 2017, Alex A. From San Francisco, CA

My husband and I are very picky about mattresses and have different preferences when it comes to firmness. We chose the medium based on the selection tool on the website, and it's perfect for both of us! We are sleeping much better and with significantly less back pain in the morning!

February 2017, Corinne K. From Naperville, IL

I'm a fitbit fanatic. I use it for everything including tracking my sleep patterns! After getting my Amore Bed, my sleep results are the best they've ever been. The quality of sleep I'm getting on this mattress is helping me maintain my active lifestyle!

February 2017, Marissa T. From Iowa City, IA

Don't buy this mattress. I find myself going to bed early and staying in bed longer.

February 2017, John A. From Madison WI

My husband and I don’t have the same preferences and sleep differently. We were happy to hear about this new Amore mattress that can be divided for his and my comfort. I chose the medium and he likes a firm bed, so Amore made us a customized mattress that we LOVE. I’m pregnant and haven’t slept well in months, until I received my new mattress… now I have trouble getting out of bed since it is so comfortable.

February 2017, Angela S. From New York, NY

Every night's sleep is better and better. Thanks, Amore!

February 2017, Elizabeth M. From Kalamazoo, MI

I've been going to huge department stores for mattresses my whole life but have never truly been satisfied with my bed. I came across and gave it a shot. These guys know what they're doing. Easily the best bed I've ever had and for a great price!

February 2017, Janet P. From St. Louis, MO

Just got my bed the other day, and it's pretty darn comfortable. I'm not a fan of the colors, but it's gonna be covered by a bed sheet anyway. I'm certainly not going to lose any sleep over it! (Ha, drum beat, symbol:) )

January 2017, Patrick J. From Grand Rapids, MI

I recently purchased an Amore Medium and am completely satisfied. I fall asleep quicker than ever and stay comfortable all night long. I wish I would have replaced my old mattress sooner.

January 2017, Heidi G. From Chicago, IL

Your mattress actually rejuvenates my mind and body for each day.

January 2017, Fernando G. From Tucson, AZ

We love our new king size bed!! The soft and medium sides are perfect for us as side sleepers. We have been sleeping better than we have in years. We are so so happy with our purchase!!

January 2017, Alison J. From Austin, TX

The quality was pretty apparent as soon as I received my mattress. The box is super strong, opening instructions are simple, and my sleep has been getting better and better every night since.
I'm glad I picked your mattress :)

December 2016, Sylvia D. From Charlotte, NC

Great shopping experience. At first the medium felt too soft for me, but after sleeping on it a little more I am now pretty much in love with it. Just ordered another medium for my spare room!

December 2016, Mark G. From Houston, TX

I've had the chance to sleep on some of the other online mattresses like casper, ghostbed and leesa and I can say with confidence that Amore's was definitely the most comfortable!

November 2016, Marty S. From Chicago, IL

Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming at work, not because I didn't get enough sleep, but because I can't wait to get back to my bed every night.

October 2016, Andrew V. From Dover, DE

Great mattress, great price, great company! So glad I found Amore Beds!

October 2016, Sam L. From Cincinnati, OH

Thought I was going to have to use the whole 100 night trial to make a final decision, but I was way wrong. After just the first week I could tell that this mattress was exactly what I hoped for.

September 2016, Brianna T. From Jacksonville, FL

Amazing... I ordered the Copper Ion Infused Fabric Mattress for my active 90 year old mother... she loves it... she said she sleeps so much better and the Copper Ion Infusion is helping her with reducing her pain issues... I recommend that you purchase one for your parents and/or yourself, especially if you have some discomfort... Thanks Amore.

September 2016, Rick P. From Los Angeles, CA

My wife and I love the dual firmness option. Our biggest problem was that we have different sleep preferences but didn't want to spend a boatload on one of those sleep number mattresses. Amore Beds' catered perfectly to our needs. Keep it up!

September 2016, Tom G. From Madison, WI

The high quality is extremely apparent!

September 2016, Julie S. From Reno, NV

After 20 years of sports and the wear n tear that follows, I thought I'd never get sleep like I did in the glory days. Then Amore Beds came out with a breakthrough performance! Now I wake up refreshed w/out aches and pains. 4.5/5 stars. Only thing keeping that from a perfect 5 is that I can sort of notice the change in firmness between mine and my wife's sides. Overall extremely satisfied!

September 2016, John K. From Omaha, NE

I recently bought an Amore Soft bed. It is so soft and squishy, like sleeping on a giant marshmallow while still providing enough support! 5/5 stars! :)

August 2016, Tracy G. From Chicago, IL

Sorry Casper and Leesa, your mattresses didn't offer any cooling properties and this one did.
Thanks Amore.

August 2016, Julia S. From Ft.Lauderdale, FL

They hit a home run with this dual firmness option. Fantastic mattress.

August 2016, Pete Z. From Quincy, IL

I've slept on college dorm beds so I know how bad it can get, but I've also slept in 5 start hotel beds that claim to be the best. Once I got my Amore Beds mattress, nothing else compares to the comfort and quality. Deep sleep all night and no more back pain! Absolutely in love!

August 2016, Ashley B. From Austin, TX

No matter how bad my day is, whether it's being stuck in traffic for hours or having mind-numbing meetings all day, I can count on immediately falling asleep, and staying asleep, on my Amore Soft mattress. Amore Beds should be synonymous with stress relief.

August 2016, Brandon K. From Denver, CO

Wow. I’ve never slept better than I do now!

August 2016, Jennifer C. From Charleston, NC

Wow! I'm not easily impressed, but this thing did it for me. Had it delivered to my parent's house and brought it with me back to school. Great job guys, thanks!

July 2016, Thomas C. From San Diego, CA