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The Amore Natural Hybrid Mattress

Our Natural Hybrid mattress includes single-origin latex, New Zealand wool, pure cotton and a pocketed coil system housing up to 1,500 coils.
Chemical, adhesive and solvent free, our mattress allows you to sleep the way nature intended.

Amore Organic Wool
Amore Organic Cotton
Amore Organic Latex
Amore Organic Button Tufted
Amore Organic Eco Friendly


The Amore Beds Natural Hybrid mattress taps into nature’s most sustainable resources to create a sleeping experience that will leave you feeling naturally refreshed and energized each and every morning. Our Natural Hybrid mattress includes eco-INSTITUT and OEKO-TEK Standard 100 certified, 100% natural Dunlop latex from an entirely sustainable source.  Both our New Zealand imported organic wool and our organic cotton carry full GOTS certifications. Our mattress is completely free of all toxic glues, solvents, and gasses, providing superior support with a unique 8-inch coil pressure-point system. Our mattress is made with natural and organic materials to give you the best night’s sleep for the rest of your life.

Control Union environmental certificate Carbon Neutral

World's First & Only Carbon Neutral Certified Latex Foam

Carbon neutrality can be defined as “making or resulting in no net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, especially as a result of initiating carbon reduction programs and carbon offsetting,” a progressive step toward the reduction on Global Warming.

  • Our competitor’s latex is not made in a Carbon Neutralized manufacturing plant!
  • Our Natural Hybrid’s latex contributes towards making our atmosphere more clean & green.
  • Global Warming is the fastest growing concern on the earth today affecting our total environmental system causing issues that are harmful for all living organism on this planet.
  • Carbon neutrality is the best solution to reduce and prevent global warming as it is the process which reduces the Green House Gas emissions that cause significant Global Warming.
  • See the certificate
Amore Beds Organic Latex

Natural Latex

The Amore Natural Hybrid features one of the most sustainable materials known to man – latex. Manufactured from the sap of the rubber tree without any petrochemicals or solvents, latex offers outstanding breathability, pressure point relief and durability when compared to synthetic foams.

Amore Beds Organic Sheep

Pure New Zealand Wool

Wool is an incredible material that wicks away moisture from your body as you sleep, keeping you cool and comfortable year-round. Wool also acts as a natural fire barrier (eliminating the need for harsh fire-socks), is resistant to dust mites and is inherently anti-microbial. We humanely source our wool from one of the most pristine countries on earth – New Zealand.

Amore Beds Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

Our organic cotton carries full GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification and is incredibly soft to the touch. Naturally breathable, cotton also wicks moisture away from your body and was the natural choice when it came to selecting the material for our luxurious button-tufted mattress covers.

Firmness Calculator
Amore Beds Ogranic Original


With the perfect balance between gentle and firm, our standard Amore Natural Hybrid mattress offers outstanding comfort and support at a market-leading price. With a total thickness of 11 inches, it provides cushioning comfort, excellent pressure response, optimal spinal support and a significant reduction in motion transfer. Sleepers of all positions will find this mattress supremely comfortable. Additional mattress toppers are also available for those who would like a slightly more personalized feel.

Amore Beds Ogranic PillowTop


For those looking for an additional touch of luxury, we offer the option to add a European pillow top to the mattress (attached). With an extra 2-inches of 100% natural Dunlop latex, our pillow top provides additional pressure point support, cushioning and durability. The pillow-top is ideal for those who prefer to sleep on their side or back, as well as the athletic who are looking for additional contouring for enhanced muscle recovery.

Amore Couple in bed
Amore Beds Natural Hybrid Mattress


Our Natural Hybrid mattress is button-tufted by hand for long-lasting durability. Used by mattress makers since the 17th century, button tufting refers to the practice of threading yarn through multiple layers of the mattress and securing the ends of the thread with a button. The “tufts” at the top of the mattress not only look incredible, they provide an alternative way to securely bind the mattress together without the use of glues or chemical solvents.
Amore Button Tufted
Amore Zoned Coils


Our Natural Hybrid mattress features a grid of 8-inch support coils spread out across the entire length and width of the mattress. Each coil is individually tuned for proper spinal alignment and balanced support. This helps to increase circulation for a reduction in aches and pains. Because each coil is individually encased, every square inch of your body is getting the personalized support it needs.  The zoned dual-coils around the perimeter of the mattress are reinforced, allowing you to sleep comfortably right to the edge of the mattress without the “rolling-off” feeling. Our coils also do a great job of reducing motion transfer and partner disturbances.


To pass strict fire testing laws, most manufacturers cover their mattresses in harsh chemicals that have been known to cause side effects such as hair loss, respiratory sensitization and nervous system damage. Even mattresses that use CertiPUR-US certified materials may still contain harmful chemicals, as this certification applies only to polyurethane foam. At Amore Beds, we use a thick layer of New Zealand wool (without hydrated silica) which is naturally fireproof and offers an additional layer of breathable cooling comfort. Our Natural Hybrid mattress safely passes all federal flammability and CPSC standards naturally.

Amore Beds Organic Sheep
Amore family natural organic wide


We have forged a close, long-term relationship with our sustainable latex farm in Sri Lanka, who deliver us 100% natural latex that is safe for the whole family to use. Our latex has passed a rigorous testing process at the eco-INSTITUT in Germany, who have declared our latex to be free from all VOCs (volatile organic compounds), heavy metals, formaldehyde and a whole other manner of dangerous carcinogens.  Our cotton cover is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and we do not use any petroleum-based foams or memory foams within our mattress. There are no graphite or cooling gel layers and no ozone-depleting substances or fire retardants are used during the manufacturing process.

Transparent Specifications

Amore Natural Hybrid Mattress
Two Comfort Feels
Certified GOTS Organic Cotton Cover
Natural New Zealand Wool
Sustainably Sourced 100% Natural Dunlop Latex
Zoned Hybrid Support System
Naturally Hydrated Silica
Firmness Information
25-Year Limited Warranty
Sleep Trial Policy
Mattress Law Tag Label
Amore Natural Hybrid Mattress

Standard Mattress: Thickness: 11” | Weight: 59 (Twin) – 122 lbs (Cal. King)
Mattress with Pillow-Top: Thickness: 13” | Weight: 80 (Twin) – 166 lbs (Cal. King)
For specific dimensions and weights, Contact Us.

Two Comfort Feels

Standard Amore Natural Mattress: Gentle Firm with Contoured Support
Mattress with Latex Pillow-Top: Luxurious Hotel Medium | Hand-Tufted Button Pillow Top

Certified GOTS Organic Cotton Cover

Our mattress cover is made from a premium organic cotton / poly-blend for optimal softness, breathability and stretch. Instead of the traditional weave knit, we have opted for a 4-way stretch knit to enhance the function of the cover while providing a tight fit over the mattress. The cover has been certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Hand-tufting the cover to the mattress is an important priority to us as it enables us to securely fasten the mattress together without the use of harsh solvents or glues.  The exterior of the mattress is double stitched for additional durability.

Natural New Zealand Wool

With 5 times as many sheep as there are people, it’s safe to say New Zealander’s know a thing or two about wool. Our natural New Zealand wool inner provides a myriad of benefits; it wicks away moisture from the body, allows body heat to freely pass through it, is non-allergenic and is an all-natural fire barrier. The structural fibers of wool provide softness with a touch of bounce which is ideal for the top layer of our mattress.  Our wool is as pure as it comes, with no additives or synthetic materials added. The wool passes through a carefully controlled 3-part rinsing process before being steamed and added to the mattress. This wool is so clean that folks with wool allergies will not have any issues with this mattress.  Our wool is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, guaranteeing that the wool is free from dangerous or toxic substances.

Sustainably Sourced 100% Natural Dunlop Latex

Over the past several years we have developed close-standing relationships with the most sustainable latex suppliers available. Our 100% natural Dunlop latex is manufactured without the use of harsh chemicals or solvents and safely passes eco-INSTITUT® certification along with being GreenGuard Gold Certified.  The Amore Organic mattress utilizes Dunlop latex as the manufacturing process which is time-honored and requires less processing. Dunlop latex is extremely durable as natural sediments are mixed into the compound during manufacturing. Our Dunlop latex has thousands of tiny air channels running through it, allowing body heat to pass away from the body and through the latex for a cooler sleep. Latex is also inherently anti-microbial and is resistant to dust mites.

Dunlop Latex Specs:

Comfort Layer: 2-inches (D65 / 14-19 ILD, soft)
Base Component: 1-inch (D65 / 14-19 ILD)

Optional Pillow-Top: 2 Additional Inches (D65 / 14-19 ILD, soft)

Zoned Hybrid Support System

For enhanced support across the whole body, we have included one of the most structurally advanced coil support units made available by our USA suppliers at Leggett & Platt. The Quantum Edge® Elite support system houses up to 1,283 coils (1057 in a queen), each independently set into the mattress. The coils are cased with fabric and arranged into a strategic zone for optimal support around the perimeter of the mattress. We use different wire gauges for our support zones; 16 gauge for the perimeter of the bed (providing firm-edge support) and 15 gauge for the interior support zone of the mattress. The zones are even, so the mattress can be rotated regularly without any awkward feeling.  Our coils are made from upcycled steel and are heat and stress treated for optimal durability. Our coil support system will benefit all sleepers, especially those who have a history of back pain or are looking for enhanced pressure relief.

Naturally Hydrated Silica

We do not use hydrated silica on our mattresses.   We may have used it in the past, but by using a thicker layer of our GOTS New Zealand wool, we are able to safely surpass all fire safety-standard requirements.

Firmness Information

When we were designing our Natural Hybrid mattress, we wanted to make sure we were catering to as many sleepers as possible. Knowing that most people sleep on their back or sides, we decided to manufacture our mattress with a top layer of latex that can be described as medium-firm (7/10). The Natural Hybrid mattress is well suited for those who sleep on their backs or sides and is not weight restrictive (meaning that anyone from children to heavy-set individuals will find our mattress comfortable). In all cases, sleepers will find the mattress contours to their unique body shape, providing optimal support. For those who sleep on their stomach, are recovering from injury or would like an additional layer of cushioning, we recommend our pillow top option. The pillow-top makes the mattress slightly softer (6/10) while still providing all the support benefits that our zoned-perimeter coil system offers.

25-Year Limited Warranty

Years 1-10: Full coverage, Non-Prorated | Years 11-25: Limited Coverage, Prorated

Find out more here

Sleep Trial Policy

Our goal is for you to enjoy your new Natural Hybrid mattress from day one, however as with any new mattress, there is a breaking-in period (usually 30 days) required. For optimal long-term satisfaction, we recommend using at least 30 days of your 100-day sleep trial to really get a feel for the mattress.

Mattress Law Tag Label

By law, our mattresses need to have a label tag that accurately describes all filling materials. Unfortunately, most online mattress provides will not allow you to see the mattress tags before you purchase for fear of their marketing hype being exposed. For completely transparency, we are more than happy to show you what our mattress label says:

Natural Hybrid

Made in Chicago with internal materials (based on weight) consisting of Natural Latex (73%), Natural Wool Fiber (21%) and Certified Organic Cotton (6%).

Natural Hybrid with Pillow-Top

Made in Chicago with internal materials (based on weight) consisting of natural latex (87%), Natural wool Fiber (7%) and Certified Organic Cotton (6%)

Our mattress contains no synthetic foams, no memory foams, no latex blends, no solvents, glues or synthetic adhesives and no toxic flame retardants are used.

UPS Delivery To Your Door


We’ll ship your Natural Hybrid mattress free across all 48 contiguous states.

Amore Natural Hybrid With Sheet


Give our Natural Hybrid mattress a go for 100 nights risk-free. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll pick it up free of charge with no hidden .

Amore craftsmanship


We stand by the quality of our Natural Hybrid mattress, which is why we offer a 25-year warranty. Take a look at it here. 


Our 25-year limited warranty is one of the best in the business! We believe in the quality of our mattress and expect it to go the distance.

Amore Beds 25 year warranty
0% Financing


We offer 0% APR financing through Paypal, and 6, 12, or 24 month financing at competitive interest rates through BREAD*. Once you’re at our checkout, you’ll see a financing option where you’ll be able to apply for affordable monthly payments*.


At Amore we love to give back. For every 10 mattresses sold, we donate a mattress to a charitable organization in need. In addition to this, we keep a stock-pile of mattresses on hand for times when natural disasters occur. We donate real Amore Beds mattresses and not temporary shelter-pads.

Amore Beds Gives Back

11" Amore Natural Original

13" Amore Natural Pillow-Top

We Want You to Love the Way You Sleep!

You just won’t find an shippable base of comparable quality for such a great price anywhere else.
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25 Year Warranty
Amore Beds Made In America
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