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5/5Rating score

Christopher Powers - MN

22 February, 2024

My Amore Mattress

"I bought a mattress from you three years ago and have slept like a baby ever since. Thank you for making the best bed I've ever been in contact with!"

1/5Rating score

Francesca Thorp - GA

19 January, 2024

Wrong Pillows

"For the free pillows, they gave me King size for my QUEEN mattress. Grrrr."

Hi Francesca, and sorry for the mixup. The King pillows are not typical, so we are not sure how they made their way onto your order and we apologize for any inconvenience. We have already sent you the correct size and we have taken measures to insure this does not happen again. At least from the email it sounds like the mattress is working out well. Thank you for the feedback and sorry for the confusion.

5/5Rating score

Emily Brunner - Mn

11 January, 2024

Glad I Got A 2-Sided Mattress

"These 2-sided mattresses are so hard to find these days till I found this Amore brand. Not only is their price competitive with a 1-sided mattress, their quality looks better than most that I've seen in retail stores. And no complaints on comfort either. Glad I got a better price on a mattress that is more comfortable and will out last any 1-sided mattress."

5/5Rating score

Kelly Guerra - AL

04 December, 2023

Love This Mattress

"In-house delivery and setup worked great for us older folks. No foul odors. Great support throughout the whole process. And it has been a wonderful investment for our old joints."

5/5Rating score

Bridget Krause - FL

14 November, 2023

I would Buy Another

"I'm pretty difficult to satisfy, but Amore was able to do it. Very happy with my mattress even though I went into this purchase very skeptical."

5/5Rating score

Stacey Barkin - VA

03 November, 2023


"I'm glad I contacted their knowledgeable customer service first. They asked all the right questions and gave me the perfect recommendation. They even warned me that the mattress may not be comfortable for the first week which almost scared me out of making the purchase, but I'm glad I took a leap of faith."

5/5Rating score

Nicole Arquilla - WA

22 September, 2023

Everything Was Great

"Everything about this purchase was excellent. Website was easy to follow and easy to purchase. Customer service was knowledgeable and fast. The order was shipped out fast and arrived in good condition. And most important of all the mattress is absolutely perfect. This 2-sided Natural Hybrid works perfectly fine for both of us with completely different heights and weights and sleeping positions."

5/5Rating score

Becky Layton - Burkburnett , Tx. 76354

05 September, 2023


"I received an email from you with the order confirmation but you say it is on hold till payment has been received. I was approved for 1,500.00 financing through Bread Financial. Will you please explain why items are being held and for how long so I can track order. My first payment will not be due until Oct . 4 2023. I was approved for 24 months of financing. Please get back to me about this A.S.A.P. Thank you, Becky Layton"

Hi Becky, we did get back to you moments after you contacted us to let you know that we did receive your order and it took a few minutes for the financing to confirm that the payment was confirmed. We apologize for the confusion this caused, but it appears that everything was resolved a few minutes after your order was received. If you need any further assistance, we are here to help.

5/5Rating score

Sarah Ramirez - TX

30 August, 2023

Better Than Any Hotel Mattress

"Either I've been staying at some high-priced budget hotels, or hotel mattresses just aren't what they used to be. I'm actually itching to get home mid-way through my vacations just so I can get back on my Amore Luxury Hybrid mattress. They just aren't what they used to be, but after 5 years, my Amore is still great."

3/5Rating score

Susan drescher - Bloomfield Hills, MI

24 August, 2023

Missing order items

"Didn’t receive my full order, I only got the mattress. I also ordered a mattress cover and it was supposed to include 2 pillows. When will I receive the rest of my order?"

Hi Susan, as we discussed a few minutes after receiving your voicemail, those will be in a separate shipment. We are assuming this was meant to be an email and not a review, so we apologize for the confusion and the delay.

4/5Rating score

Melanie Dobbins - Marietta, GA

11 August, 2023

Timeline for delivery

"After I completed my purchase I got a confirmation, but it didn’t give me any timeline for when I would be expecting to receive my mattress. Where do I find tracking information?"

Hi Melanie, it should have let you know that all orders are made fresh per individual order and they are taking between 3 and 5 days to manufacture and then between 2 and 5 days in transit. Feel free to reach out to us for a more detailed timeline. We don't like to bombard our customers with emails, so the next email is usually your tracking and ETA info. Thank you.

5/5Rating score

Susan Sheppard - Bloomington, IL

05 August, 2023

puzzled by paypal email

"I received a Pay Pal email with receipt details as soon as I placed my credit card order with you. I did not use Pay Pal, so I'm puzzled why I received an email from them."

Hi Susan, and sorry for the confusion. We have been using Paypal as our credit card processor these days. Unfortunately they feel the need to include their name on the checkout completion page and we are working to try and remove that.

5/5Rating score

Dina Nelson - CA

24 July, 2023

Going To Buy Another!

"This Natural hybrid mattress is great! Sleeps great and doesn't small awful like the foam junk that's at my Costco and Macys. We had some sticker shock until we shopped around to see that this was quite a bargain compared to similar items out there. We're glad we found Amore!"

5/5Rating score

Lilly V - Iowa

29 June, 2023

Bought 2 Mattresses in 2018.

"We bought two of their mattresses in 2018. Now 5 years later they’re still super comfortable with no signs of issues. I love that they’re made with healthy materials too."

4/5Rating score

John K - Omaha Ne

17 May, 2023

Back To My Glory Days Of Good Sleep

"After 20 years of sports and the wear n tear that follows, I thought I'd never get sleep like I did in the glory days. Then Amore Beds came out with a breakthrough performance! Now I wake up refreshed w/out aches and pains. 4/5 stars. Only thing keeping that from a perfect 5 is that it took a week before it started to get comfortable and that's really difficult when you are already in pain, but after a year of pain-free sleeping, I can forgive them for that first week."