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1/5Rating score

Johnny Jimenez - Georgia

25 May, 2023

Hybrid Luxury Mattress has caused us Lower back pain

"After a year and a half our AMORE luxury hybrid mattress (medium firm) has lost its support. My wife and I have been waking up with lower back pain for a couple months now. (She’s 140 lbs, I’m 160, both in our early 30s) We feel our hips sinking in. I contacted them, and sent them a picture. They told me that was normal, to flip the mattress. But we have, once a week, and nothing helps. They said trial period ended, so I asked about the warranty, they said they couldn’t do anything because that was “normal”. I said “Unless you’re the one sleeping on it, you can’t tell me that’s normal”. That’s where our conversation ended. I’m not saying their mattresses are bad, they have a lot of good reviews and I’m sure happy costumers. I’m saying, you better hope you’re not that outlier who has to contact them after trial period ended because the mattress is causing you back pain."

1/5Rating score

Cindy - United States

24 May, 2023

Not For Me

"Bought the hybrid foam/coil mattress mainly because of price and rating of mattress as "soft". The mattress did nothing to relieve my pressure points, mainly my hips. Mattress did not feel soft to me. When I returned the mattress, they kept $200 of my money due to their "free" upgrade of the copper material on top. So beware of this when returning it you get the copper.. Free was not free."

4/5Rating score

John K - Omaha Ne

17 May, 2023

Back To My Glory Days Of Good Sleep

"After 20 years of sports and the wear n tear that follows, I thought I'd never get sleep like I did in the glory days. Then Amore Beds came out with a breakthrough performance! Now I wake up refreshed w/out aches and pains. 4/5 stars. Only thing keeping that from a perfect 5 is that it took a week before it started to get comfortable and that's really difficult when you are already in pain, but after a year of pain-free sleeping, I can forgive them for that first week."

5/5Rating score

Sammy McCarthy - TN

02 May, 2023

Great Quality Across The Board

"Great American quality mattress with great American professional customer support. Got everything I was looking for, so no complaints here. Great comfort and great quality and I couldn't find anything else with a better value based on dollar vs construction."

5/5Rating score

Cassandra Cerimele - Crowley USA

30 April, 2023

Best Bed Ever!

"This is my second Amore matress purchase in 4 years. Love the mattresses I've purchased, no complaints, except 1. The only complaint I have is in regards to the promo offer of 2 free pillows, but only sent 1. I reached our to customer service and I am sure they will do the right thing and send me the 2nd free pillow."

5/5Rating score

Gina Roberts - NM

06 April, 2023

Soooo Happy!

"I am so happy with this 2-sided mattress! It was so hard to find a 2-sided mattress, and one with decent quality, but Amore definitely delivered on this one. If you have a bias towards a quality 2-sided mattress, then you should give these guys some serious consideration."

2/5Rating score

Gary Gibbs - Louisville

17 March, 2023

Your failure

"According to your information provided I'm supposed to get an email indicating the ship date. I did not receive this email, I then communicated through your website and requested this shipping information and receive nothing! I am currently concerned about the packaging and the fact that it appears that this king size mattress may not in fact fit this packaging. I will be opening this package in the next day or so to verify it is in fact the item that I ordered. I'm not impressed with your customer service I hope that your product meets at least the minimal expectations!"

Hi Gary, Yes, we are certain that we sent you the correct mattress. We are sorry to hear you did not receive our other emails and shipping notification. It looks like we sent you the shipping notification on March 11th at 4:05 PM CST. Often times these may go to spam, so on your order confirmation, we ask folks to keep an eye on their spam folder or add us as a safe sender. We apologize if you did not get our responses and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

4/5Rating score

Sharon Sobreno - CA

16 March, 2023

No complaints here

"No complaints here. Fast shipping, no bad odors like Nectar, no fiberglass, and made in USA. Can't go wrong with this mattress."

5/5Rating score

Julie Foster Lindquist - Negaunee MI 49866

08 March, 2023

"We would love to know when our new mattress will be arriving We requested a delay in shipping but have not yet received any confirmation about shipping Thanks J"

Hi Julie, we don't like to bombard our customers with emails, but we did see your note and we did delay the delivery until the week that you wanted it delivered. It looks like it should hit it's mark just as expected. Please keep an eye on your spam for the shipping tracking info. Thank you!

5/5Rating score

Breanna Kohn - NM

05 March, 2023

Best decision I ever made.

"Best decision I ever made. I can't believe I waited so long to get rid of my old mattress, but I fell in love with Amore from day 1 with a higher quality of sleep and less aches and pains."

5/5Rating score

Larry D - NC

20 February, 2023

Glad I Found These Guys!

"Excellent customer service, excellent quality, and excellent comfort. I'm glad I found these guys and I highly recommend to everyone."

4/5Rating score

Kelli Haggerty - WA

13 January, 2023

Small Improvement, But A Meaningful One

"I've always had sleep issues and even though I was hoping for a miracle, I wasn't expecting one. I am not getting any more or less sleep, but what I am noticing is that I'm feeling more well rested as if I'm getting a higher quality sleep. Maybe just a deeper REM, but I finally have enough energy in the mornings to exercise in the mornings without dragging by the end of my day."

5/5Rating score

Nicole Burton - ID

10 January, 2023

Fantastic Customer Support!

"t's a pleasure to be assisted by such a knowledgeable staff. I wasn't sure what I wanted and they helped guide me through the painful process of finding the right mattress for me. A+ It worked out perfect!"

5/5Rating score

Clair Williams - Georgia

14 December, 2022

No Pressure Point Issues

"We purchased the Amore Beds 12" Foam Flippable 4 months ago and it has been amazing! It allows me to sink in without leaving any gaps which will cause pressure point strain. I know how mattresses are supposed to sleep and this does a great job at a great price point."

5/5Rating score

Faith Beach - MO

28 November, 2022

So Good That I Felt Compelled To Leave A Review

"I don't typically leave reviews, but to help offset all the people who only leave reviews when they are mad, I decided to leave one because this mattress is excellent. I've had it a few years now and I just purchased another. It has held up well and there's minimal signs of use."