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3/5Rating score

Dave Saltzman - 10 Cummings Rd Monmouth Junction NJ 08852

12 July, 2024

"Only received 1 pillow instead of 2. Disappointed..."

Hi Dave, we are sorry to hear that happened and that is not typical for us to leave out a pillow. Twins and Full size get 1 pillow, but if you ordered a Queen or King size, please simply reach out to us via direct email. Often times we put one at the bottom of the box and one at the top, so please be sure to remove the mattress from the box. Thank you

5/5Rating score

Sherry R Wall - Birmingham

05 July, 2024

Best 2 sided mattress @ Great price

"My husband and I ordered our 2 sized Hybrid Latex mattress Firm on both sides. We love the springiness from the coils with the firm support. We added a thick cotton mattress pad cover just to make it slightly soft. No need for memory foam. Perfect ?!!! Together we are 360 lbs and average hight. Back and neck issues also fibromyalgia. Sleeps great! This mattress is supportive and works well with an adjustable base. High quality at a great price ! Amore’ we give you 5 stars ?????????? !"

Thank you for the review! Thank you for seeing the value of the 2-sided mattress that Amore brings to the table. The most expensive parts on a mattress are the fabric and the comfort layer of which Amore has on each side. Other brands charge the same price for a 1-sided mattress that will only last half as long. Thank you for pointing out the value that Amore offers.

5/5Rating score

Jerry Miller - MI

02 June, 2024

Glad I Found Amore!

"Glad I found these guys! They told me they don't advertise much and they don't pay high commissions to fake reviewers to leave fake reviews like you find for Nectar, Casper, Purple, and Saatva. They'd rather offer a better product at a better price to save yours and my money which is highly admirable. Don't get duped like I did on several other pieces of garbage. These guys offer unmatched quality at a reasonably average price point. Yes, average price for a higher quality product than you'll find elsewhere online or in retail stores. I'm happy and you will be too. Go with your gut and not a phony."

Thank you for the review! Yes, we do not advertise nearly a fraction of what those other guys do which is why more of your dollar does go towards your mattress. We don't charge more just to advertise more. We charge less so more people can afford a higher standard of quality. Thank you.

5/5Rating score

Lewis Cosention - CA

09 May, 2024

Amazing Mattress

"I rarely leave reviews, but this mattress is amazing. First, I purchased it during a 20% off flash sale and ended up getting about $600 off the normal price. They had simple and fast delivery. It arrived in perfect shape for coming across the country. Easy to put together (with 1 person). comfortable for my petite wife and I (and I’m 6’1” 245lbs). Would recommend!!!"

5/5Rating score

Gordon Wayne Lawhorn

04 April, 2024

Thank you for your kindness in canceling or I should say

"Thank you for your prompt response and full refund of our order earlier this week. I appreciate your professionalism. I say "DELAY" as you will be our FIRST CHOICE to order our next KING Mattress."

4/5Rating score

Samantha Brunnings - CO

28 March, 2024

Still great after 5 years

"This has been great for over 5 years now and doesn't show any severe signs of usage. Yes, there's some wrinckles in the fabric and it's a little streatched out in the middle, but as soon as you lay on the mattress, everything feels great since it obviously streatches back out under slight pressure. I actually like this since it feels like it does a better job releaving pressure points. Everything esle looks brand new and with regular rotations, it feels like a fresh mattress with each rotation. Certianly feels like it has a lot of rotations left to go."

4/5Rating score

Aidan - MO

15 March, 2024

Thanks for the great quality

"Very good quality and very happy with the comfort. Glad I found something that offered better quality than my local retail stores."

5/5Rating score

Christopher Powers - MN

22 February, 2024

My Amore Mattress

"I bought a mattress from you three years ago and have slept like a baby ever since. Thank you for making the best bed I've ever been in contact with!"

1/5Rating score

Francesca Thorp - GA

19 January, 2024

Wrong Pillows

"For the free pillows, they gave me King size for my QUEEN mattress. Grrrr."

Hi Francesca, and sorry for the mixup. The King pillows are not typical, so we are not sure how they made their way onto your order and we apologize for any inconvenience. We have already sent you the correct size and we have taken measures to insure this does not happen again. At least from the email it sounds like the mattress is working out well. Thank you for the feedback and sorry for the confusion.

5/5Rating score

Emily Brunner - Mn

11 January, 2024

Glad I Got A 2-Sided Mattress

"These 2-sided mattresses are so hard to find these days till I found this Amore brand. Not only is their price competitive with a 1-sided mattress, their quality looks better than most that I've seen in retail stores. And no complaints on comfort either. Glad I got a better price on a mattress that is more comfortable and will out last any 1-sided mattress."

5/5Rating score

Kelly Guerra - AL

04 December, 2023

Love This Mattress

"In-house delivery and setup worked great for us older folks. No foul odors. Great support throughout the whole process. And it has been a wonderful investment for our old joints."

5/5Rating score

Bridget Krause - FL

14 November, 2023

I would Buy Another

"I'm pretty difficult to satisfy, but Amore was able to do it. Very happy with my mattress even though I went into this purchase very skeptical."

5/5Rating score

Stacey Barkin - VA

03 November, 2023


"I'm glad I contacted their knowledgeable customer service first. They asked all the right questions and gave me the perfect recommendation. They even warned me that the mattress may not be comfortable for the first week which almost scared me out of making the purchase, but I'm glad I took a leap of faith."

5/5Rating score

Nicole Arquilla - WA

22 September, 2023

Everything Was Great

"Everything about this purchase was excellent. Website was easy to follow and easy to purchase. Customer service was knowledgeable and fast. The order was shipped out fast and arrived in good condition. And most important of all the mattress is absolutely perfect. This 2-sided Natural Hybrid works perfectly fine for both of us with completely different heights and weights and sleeping positions."

5/5Rating score

Becky Layton - Burkburnett , Tx. 76354

05 September, 2023


"I received an email from you with the order confirmation but you say it is on hold till payment has been received. I was approved for 1,500.00 financing through Bread Financial. Will you please explain why items are being held and for how long so I can track order. My first payment will not be due until Oct . 4 2023. I was approved for 24 months of financing. Please get back to me about this A.S.A.P. Thank you, Becky Layton"

Hi Becky, we did get back to you moments after you contacted us to let you know that we did receive your order and it took a few minutes for the financing to confirm that the payment was confirmed. We apologize for the confusion this caused, but it appears that everything was resolved a few minutes after your order was received. If you need any further assistance, we are here to help.