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Each Amore mattress layer is carefully engineered to work in synergy with its neighbors, for a seamless integration of coils, specialty foams, and fabric. Our 12″ hybrid mattress design maximizes personal comfort and cooling, relieves pressure points, and promotes proper spinal alignment
–it’s an outstanding value.

12`` Hybrid Design Combines the Two Best Mattress Technologies

Individualized Support of Coils

Coils provide deep-down support

  • Our hybrid coil mattress design features fabric-encased, 4″ wrapped coils.
  • Each coil is encased individually, allowing it to gently respond as you change sleeping positions, adjusting to the contour of your body.
  • Since each spring reacts as needed–instead of all springs being affected simultaneously–motions are isolated and partner disturbances are minimized.
  • Coils promote natural airflow to regulate sleeping temperature more effectively than all-foam mattresses.
  • Coils also offer a little bounce to your mattress so you don’t have that I’ve fallen in feeling.
Graphite-Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Graphite-infused memory foam for pressure relief

  • Our graphite-infused specialty foam combines pressure-relieving benefits with the enhanced new-age cooling properties of graphite.
  • Our modernized proprietary foam is comfortably supportive, contouring to your body, moving with you as you change positions, and helping to keep your spine properly aligned.
  • Cushions pressure points to facilitate blood flow, so you sleep more soundly.
  • The open-cell structure of our foam is inherently cooling with enhanced air-flow and breathability. Graphite enhances this by absorbing body heat to regulate temperature more effectively.
  • This graphite-infused foam doesn’t just wick heat away from the body like traditional gels, it actually dissipates heat for a refreshing night’s sleep.

Organic cotton cover

The perfect combination of soft and strong

Our organic cotton fabric is really durable, yet feels nice and soft just below the sheets. It has great breathability to help keep you cool, is hypoallergenic and will never irritate your skin. Plus, unlike synthetic mattress covers, cotton does not cause static electricity and it will not pill over time.  Learn more

copper-ion infused mattress

Copper ion-infused cover

A healthy option with priceless benefits

Our copper infused fabric cover is a fantastic option, with many health and performance benefits. Copper is thought to improve the appearance of skin, help with your body’s healing process, and have anti-inflammatory characteristics. Because copper itself is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, germs—including odor-causing ones—cannot thrive on or in copper ion infused textiles. You’re mattress surface will stay fresh and odor-free longer. Amore puts the copper in the fabric closest to your body (not buried in the mattress) to provide optimal benefits to your skin. For overall health and well-being, opt for this special fabric cover.  Learn more about copper and the best beds by design.

FR safety & full body comfort...naturally!

A healthy option with priceless benefits

Our New Zealand organic wool layer is unrivaled for breath-ability, humidity control and moisture wicking, keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable throughout the night. Wool also serves as a natural flame retardant. Since it contains high keratin protein and moisture in every fiber, wool is naturally flame resistant without chemical treatment. Learn more about wool and the best mattress on the market.

CertiPUR-US Materials

Made With The Best CertiPUR-US Certified Materials

A great mattress doesn’t come with health risks. The best mattresses not only provide the comfort necessary for a restful night’s sleep, but are also free from harmful chemicals and compounds. The foam used in Amore Beds mattresses meet or exceed CertiPUR-US standards. Because we spend about a third of our lives on a mattress, it’s important to consider what that mattress is made from.

Personalized Comfort for All Sleepers

With Amore’s unique personalization options you’re guaranteed luxurious comfort and support tailored to the way you like to sleep. From soft as a cloud, to nice and firm, Amore has the mattress that’s perfect for your body and preferred sleeping positions. Take the Amore Comfort Survey to help you choose the best mattress for you.

Comfort Levels graph
man and his dog on an amore mattress
couple on amore mattress

8 out of 10 Couples Have Different Comfort Preferences

That’s why we offer the Amore Dual-Firmness Split. It’s a great option that allows you and your partner to personalize the firmness of your own side of the bed. You like a softer mattress, but he prefers it firmer? No problem. Since every bed is built to order, we can easily make half the bed your way, and half the way your partner prefers.

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