Copper Infused Antibacterial Mattress

We think all of our mattresses are amazing, and we use only the finest materials in each and every one of our products. However, if you’re truly looking for the complete sleeping solution then you might want to consider our premium copper infused mattress. Combining wonderfully soft and comfortable Rayon (made from Bamboo) with healing copper ions is the perfect recipe for a great night’s sleep, and you can easily upgrade any of your mattresses to take advantage of this great option.

The Power of Copper
Our copper mattress features a unique combination of characteristics, making it a great choice for comfort, performance and health. Copper itself is an important element and is necessary for human health. It can be found naturally in our bodies, and if we don’t have enough then we can start to feel sick. Often, we’ll get copper from the foods or supplements we eat, but there are other ways to get your daily dose of copper and improve your physical well-being further. Here are a few of the benefits of implementing copper in your mattress:

Copper itself is anti-microbial and anti-fungal, and has been used in hygiene products, antiseptics and more because of this – having this next to your skin in a mattress can replicate these benefits
Copper can help to improve the appearance of skin, and has been used in anti-aging creams for these reasons
Copper contributes to the performance of fabrics, and helps to prevent odor-causing germs from growing on your mattress.

Comfortable Fabric
We don’t just use any old fabric though, and our copper infused mattress is made up of synthetic Rayon fibers, derived from bamboo. The resulting fabric is delightfully smooth to the touch and keeps you perfectly cool. It couldn’t be easier to upgrade – just tick the box if you like the sound of our luxurious, healing copper mattresses.

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