Memory Foam Mattress

There’s nothing worse than waking up sore and aching from an uncomfortable night’s sleep. It sets you up badly for the rest of the day, and can negatively affect your mood as well. A memory foam mattress is certainly an upgrade, as it will adjust to your body heat and bodyweight; becoming softer and facilitating a better, more comfortable night’s sleep.

This kind of mattress is not without its negatives, though. Many memory foam mattresses can often be expensive, and some people find that they can trap heat and can restrict movement. Full spring mattresses, too, have some disadvantages. They can be hard on the body and generally not as comfortable as other, premium options. Luckily for you, Amore Beds has created a happy medium between these constructions that you’re sure to love!

Best of Both Worlds
Our products combine some of the best features of both spring and foam mattresses, without any of the negatives associated with them. They’re essentially hybrid mattresses; being made of specialized thermo-transferring graphite viscoelastic memory foam which helps keep you cooler than a typical foam mattress, together with ultra-breathable precision pocketed coils which maintain comfort and support.

Remember Amore
Our mattresses are so good, we’re sure they’ll stick in your memory. You might think that quality comes with a price tag to match, but don’t worry; because we’re purely an online retailer, we don’t have to worry about costly overheads that cause us to markup our products to excessive levels. When you choose an Amore Beds mattress, you’re picking up a great bargain – these products would be thousands of dollars on the high street! Pick up one now and see how much of a difference it makes; we’re sure you won’t be going back to regular mattresses any time soon.

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