California King Bed Mattress

There’s nothing better than dropping down onto your California King bed after a long day, stretching out and enjoying the ample room we offer. Whether you’re on your own or sharing with a partner, there’s no danger of having a cramped, uncomfortable night – as long as the mattress is up to standard, that is. Finding a suitable mattress for it can be a tricky process though, and if you value your sleep (as you should), then only the best will do. Here at Amore Beds, we’ve got a wide range of options to select from, meaning you can personalize your California King bed mattress down to the smallest details.

Bespoke Options
Wondering whether we’ll have a California King mattress for you? There’s no need to worry, because our mattresses come in all shapes and sizes to suit your personal requirements. Soft, medium or firm? Whatever you prefer, we’re dedicated to providing it for you. Do your tastes differ from your partner? Our split, dual firmness option ensures that both of you go to bed happy. Not sure what would be best for you? Take our quick survey and we’ll direct you to the ideal product.

Why Amore?
We don’t need to give you any flashy sales pitches, since we believe our products speak for themselves. Our California King mattresses feature the finest craftsmanship in America, and we’re so confident you’ll love your new sleeping solution that we’re offering a 100 night free trial and a 10 year warranty. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out all the reviews from happy customers – you might be adding your own review soon!

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