Single Mattress or Super Single Mattress

It’s not just larger mattresses that we specialize in here at Amore Beds. If you want to maximize the space you have available, or you’re on your own and want an affordable yet effective sleeping solution, then a single mattress is a great option. Maybe you’re looking for something comfortable and of the highest quality for your child, or you’re kitting out a guest room? Whatever your reasons, Amore’s mattresses are sure to satisfy your needs.

Superior Super Single

Want something that’s still compact, yet allows you to stretch out and relax a little bit more? Why not consider our super single mattress – it’s slightly bigger than our standard single bed, but features the same high quality, American-made construction and superior materials as the rest of our products. If you choose this option we’re sure you’ll notice the difference, and wonder how you ever lived without!

Premium Hybrid Mattress

Whether you opt for our single or super single mattress, you’re getting the same unrivaled quality that’s representative of our whole range. The design contains cooling elements that are naturally fire resistant, and feature no harmful chemicals for the ultimate in safety. It also incorporates the best of both worlds between spring and foam mattresses, without any of the negatives associated with them.
Our Promise

At Amore Beds, the most important consideration is always you, the customer. We strive to provide the best customer service, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you out with any advice or queries you may have. Making your purchase is quick and easy, and if you need extra peace of mind we’ll even offer a 100 night free trial and a 20 year warranty. We’ve got that much faith in our products – we’re sure you won’t be wanting to return them. Grab your very own single mattress now!

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