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Refer a friend.

When you refer someone to buy an Amore Beds mattress you can score $50!

You can choose either a $50 credit or get a $50 Amazon gift card once the purchase

has been confirmed. Share the love.


Email us: You and your friends names, email addresses, and an order number to signup.

Terms & Conditions

Offer only valid for existing Amore Beds customers and must be able to provide an order number to qualify.
If the gift card option is selected, the referred friend must keep the mattress for 100 nights.
If either party requires a return or exchange, the submission will be voided.
Valid referrals must be submitted between 30 days before or 7 days after the referral purchase.
Rewards can be redeemed as an instant $50 discount or credit to the friends purchase, or you can want 100 nights and get a $50 credit to your order or a $50 Amazon gift card.
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