Refer-a-Friend Terms

Amore Beds, LLC. Refer-a-Friend Program Terms & Conditions

Amore Beds, LLC. (“Amore Beds” or “We”) offers customers and potential customers (“Customers” or “You”) the opportunity to participate in the Refer-a-Friend program. We reserve the right to terminate the program at any time we see fit.

Customers are bound by these terms by participating in the Refer-a-Friend program, and agree to use the Refer-a-Friend program in accordance with these Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree with these Terms & Conditions in their entirety, you are not authorized to participate in the Refer-a-Friend program.
We reserve the right to adjust, at any time, these Terms & Conditions and/or the methods used to attain the rewards of the Refer-a-Friend program. We reserve the right to disqualify any customers from participation in the Refer-a-Friend program at any time at our discretion, including without limitation if he/she does not comply with any of these Terms & Conditions or otherwise fails to comply with any applicable laws.
As a Refer-a-Friend member (a “Referrer” or “Customer”), you are subject to Amore Beds’ Terms of Use and Amore Beds’ Privacy Policy (both available on our website), as well as the following additional Terms & Conditions for Amore Beds’ Refer-a-Friend program:

I. How The Program Works

A. Program Participation
• To participate in the Refer-a-Friend program, customers should visit and follow all instructions in order to refer friends, family, or other colleagues by completely filling out all the required fields.
• Individuals who receive a referral from a customer are “Friends.” An “Eligible” customer who is fully compliant with these Terms & Conditions may receive Reward(s) for every Qualified Referral.
• By participating in the Refer-a-Friend program, a customer admits that he/she has their Friend’s prior consent to provide any information required to participate in the program.

B. Eligible Customer

• To be eligible a customer must:
• Be a legal resident of the United States of America; and
• Be at least 18 years of age.

C. Making A Referral

• A customer must register at to make a referral via the Refer-a-Friend program. No previous purchase is required.
• A customer may also forward a personal link that they receive to invite friends via their own personal e-mail, text, social, etc.

D. Qualified Referrals

• A Qualified Referral means that all of the following conditions are met:
• The Friend completed the purchase of a mattress from Amore Beds using the customers’ Link they provided to their friend that they referred. If a Friend purchases from or registers with Amore Beds using any other link or method, the registration will not count as a Qualified Referral and the customer will not earn any reward;
• The Friend was not previously registered with Amore Beds under any other email address or alias;
• The Friend is a) a legal resident of the United States of America and b) at least 18 years old; and
• Only one Qualified Referral can be earned for each Friend, up to a maximum of 12 friends in the 365 days following the date of the first earned Reward, unless otherwise allowed by Amore Beds. Any additional or subsequent purchases made by a Friend will not be considered a qualifying referral.
A returned item will deem any referral null and void. A successful referrer shall not receive their $50 reward until after the 100-night trial is completed.

E. Earning Rewards

• The customer shall receive in his or her Amore Beds Referral Account one (1) reward valued at fifty dollars ($50) (each, a “Reward”) for each verified and qualifying Referral generated by Customer.
• Rewards may be redeemed in various forms in the Amore Beds’ sole discretion, including, but not limited to in the form of an gift card. (Some restrictions may apply). For example, if the reward is in the form of a gift card, certificate, or voucher, it may be subject to that issuer’s terms and conditions.

F. Verified Qualified Referrals

• All rewards will be verified. Amore Beds may delay a Reward for investigation purposes. Amore Beds may also refuse to verify and process any transaction Amore Beds deems, in its sole discretion, to be fraudulent, suspicious, in violation of these Terms & Conditions, or believes will impose any potential liability on Amore Beds, its subsidiaries, affiliates or any of their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents. All of Amore Beds’ decisions are final and binding, including decisions as to whether a Qualified Referral, or Reward is verified.

G. Transfer and Value of Credit and Rewards

• Rewards have no monetary value and are not be redeemable for cash. Rewards are not transferable and are not valid if auctioned, traded, bartered or sold. Upon termination of this referral program or any portion thereof for any reason, or upon cancellation of a Referrer’s Amore Beds account for any reason, any unredeemed Rewards that have not yet been delivered to the Referrer will be forfeited.

II. Privacy

• Customers may participate in the Refer-a-Friend program made available by Amore Beds in order to refer their Friends to Amore Beds as potential Amore Beds customers. To do this, customers must necessarily submit personal information about themselves and their Friends, such as name and contact information, so that Amore Beds can send communications to the Friends on the customers’ behalf. The personal information will be collected, processed and used in accordance with Amore Beds’ Privacy Statement. Customers understand that, in addition to the initial communications to Friends, Amore Beds may also use the personal information to send to Friends additional follow-up communications on behalf of the customers in order to encourage or remind the Friends to complete a purchase. The personal information may also be used by Amore Beds to contact customers with regards to their participation in the Refer-a-Friend program and to send customers additional communications from Amore Beds.

III. Other Terms & Conditions

• No Spam. You must comply with all up-to-date “SPAM” laws. For example, emails must be created and distributed in a personal manner and bulk email distribution is strongly discouraged. Any distribution of your referral link that could constitute unsolicited commercial email or “spam” under any applicable law or regulation is expressly prohibited and will be grounds for immediate termination of your account and exclusion from Amore Beds’ Refer-a-Friend program.
• Right to Close Accounts. Amore Beds reserves the right to close the account(s) of any Referrer and/or Referred Customer and to request proper payment if the Referrer and/or Referred Customer attempts to use the Amore Beds Refer-a-Friend program in a questionable manner or breaches any of these Terms & Conditions or is in violation of any law, statute or governmental regulation.
• Right to Cancel Program or Change Terms. Amore Beds reserves the right to cancel the Refer-a-Friend Program or to change these Terms & Conditions at any time in its sole discretion. Any unclaimed referral rewards will be forfeited at that time.
• Eligibility. Eligibility is limited to individuals only. Amore Beds’ Refer-a-Friend Program cannot be used by businesses for affiliate lead generation as determined in Amore Beds’ sole discretion. (Corporations are not people, my friend!)

A. Amore Beds shall not be liable for:

• Lost, delayed, stolen, misdirected, incomplete, unreadable, inaccurate, garbled or unintelligible entries, communications or affidavits, regardless of the method of transmission;
• Telephone or computer hardware, software or other technical or computer malfunctions, lost connections, disconnections, delays or transmission errors;
• Data corruption, theft, destruction, unauthorized access to or alteration of entry;
• Any typographical, administrative or technological errors in any websites or materials associated with the referral program; or
• Claims, damages or disputes among customers or between customers and Friends;
• Any other injuries, losses or damages of any kind resulting from acceptance, possession or use of a reward, or from participation in the Refer-a-Friend program, that were not reasonably foreseeable to Amore Beds at the relevant time.
• Customers should use the Refer-a-Friend program at their own risk.

B. Amore Beds disclaims any liability for damage to any computer system resulting from participating in, or accessing or downloading information in connection with the Refer-a-Friend program, and reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, modify or suspend the program should a virus, bug, computer problem, unauthorized intervention or other cause beyond Amore Beds’ control corrupt the administration, security or proper operation of the Refer-a-Friend program.

B. Publicity

• Participation in the Refer-a-Friend program or acceptance of a Reward constitutes permission to Amore Beds to use any customer’s first and last name, company name, Amore Beds profile information, statements, biographical information, city and state address, social media activity and/or public online content for any and all promotional or advertising purposes in connection with the Refer-a-Friend program, on a worldwide basis and in all forms of media without review, permission or further compensation of any amount or kind whatsoever, where and to the greatest extent permitted by applicable law.

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Limited to 12 Referrals or $600 in any 365 day period.

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