You spend about a third of your life sleeping in your bed. That’s a lot of wear and tear on your mattress. When’s the last time you replaced your mattress? If you had to stop and think about it or just plain can’t remember, then it is safe to say you’re in need of a new one. There are also a number of different factors that come into play when deciding when the time is right to change your mattress.

Most experts and professionals recommend the 7-8 year range when deciding to change mattresses, which is definitely a guideline to follow, however there may be some more glaring signs that are telling you to switch.

Wake up, ache up. New aches and pains seem to be occurring and you don’t know why.

Waking up becomes more difficult due to grogginess or not sleeping through the night.

U-G-L-Y your mattress ain’t got no alibi, it’s ugly. (saggy, lumpy, stained, etc.)

Your partner is suddenly keeping you up at night with their movements.

Sleep seems to be better away from your own mattress. (At family/friends’ houses, hotels, couches)

More sneezing. (Beds attract more allergens, dust, pollen, etc. as they get older)

So, if any of these occurrences are relevant to you, then it is time to get back out on the market for a new mattress. Luckily for you, mattress shopping has now been revolutionized. Instead of dealing with pushy salesman and overpriced mattresses, there are now new alternatives. The ever-expanding universe that is the Internet has birthed a new form of mattress shopping. An easy, hassle-free shopping experience that saves you time and MONEY.

Without having to deal with daunting overhead costs and other grueling expenses (salesmen commissions), the world of online mattress shopping is able to cut away the nonsense, giving you a great mattress for an unheard of price. When sleeping becomes a chore, it might be time to give Online Shopping a try!

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