The Best mattresses Use Copper Infused Memory Foam

We all need to sleep… but that doesn’t mean we all manage to sleep well! 

Sleep is one of the most crucial contributors to your general health and well-being, but getting a good night’s sleep is often easier said than done.

There are countless tips available for getting a good night’s sleep, from making sure you exercise, eat well, stay away from screens before bedtime, and more… all sound advice. But the number one contributing factor to a good night’s sleep is a good bed with the comfort and support of a quality, luxury mattress.

Sleeping on a comfortable mattress is key to a good night’s sleep and increases energy levels, boosts brain performance, improves mental health, supports weight loss, and decreases inflammation. 

Shopping for a quality, luxury mattress? Here’s what you need to ask yourself:

QUESTION 1: What type of sleeper are you?

At Amore Beds, we’re well aware that one size does not fit all. We’re all unique and there are so many different ways to sleep – that creating just one type of mattress would be quite silly really.

We want you to love the way you sleep! Are you a back or stomach sleeper? Look for the 8″ Economical 2-Sided Foam Flippable to get that extra firmness to support you. 

More of a side sleeper? Try the 12″ Premium Comfort 2-Sided Foam Flippable to support the contours of your body.

QUESTION 2: What is your sleeping environment like?

Researchers have found that a cool sleeping environment lengthens periods of a deep natural sleep for greater rest and recovery. 

Naturally, leading up to bedtime our body temperature drops as it’s time to slow down and get some rest. Sleeping in a warm or hot environment can confuse your body’s signals and take you longer to fall asleep. 

At Amore Beds, we know that you can’t always control your environment, which is why our mattresses are built for breathability with several layers of open cell foam. Our flippable mattress allows for optimal breathability and dissipates body heat quickly, ensuring that you stay comfortable all year long.

QUESTION 3: What’s your budget?

Some people need more sleep than others – but as a general rule, most need to get about 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. A study by the New York Post found that the average American will spend 36 years in bed over the course of their lifetime! This shocking statistic should make you think twice when considering how much a decent bed is truly worth to you.

Luckily at Amore Beds, we’re able to offer the best quality and luxury – at the best prices! Make sure you browse through our site to see some of the great natural mattresses at prices to suit your budget. You won’t find a mattress of comparable quality for such a great price anywhere else.

Introducing expertly engineered COPPER-infused luxury memory foam mattresses!

You’re probably thinking ummh copper….?

Yes, copper! Copper is a completely organic substance that has many properties that support the human body in many ways and now… the answer to getting the best night’s sleep possible.

copper-ion infused mattress

Copper-infused memory foam mattresses come with many benefits for any sleeper, the main three benefits include being a

  1. Heat conductor
  2. Antibacterial & Antimicrobial
  3. Muscles, bones & overall body support

The natural and organic, luxury-infused copper mattress strikes a pleasant balance for one’s well-being between pressure relief and support. The softness provides pressure relief to the shoulders while the firmness supports the hips and back.

 That perfect sleep you are looking for is all in the copper-infused memory foam mattress!

You definitely need an alarm and a snooze button when it comes to copper-infused foam! The comfort, firmness, and softness will have you knocked out on cloud nine.

The Addition of Copper Ions

Copper is an amazing element and is necessary for human health. It’s naturally found in our bodies (about 0.6 to 0.95mg per pound of body weight) – yet a copper deficiency can make us feel sick. 

We get the copper our bodies need to thrive from the foods we eat (and sometimes from supplements) but there are also external ways to use copper to improve our physical well-being further which is what makes our copper-infused visco memory foam mattresses not just great for sleep, but for overall well-being as well. Here are some of the highlights of our Copper Infused memory foam Mattresses:

  • High Thermal Conductivity

Sleeping hot or tossing and turning because of night sweats is the worst. We know! Our copper-infused memory foam is not like those typical heat-soaking memory foams.  Our copper foam actually works as a heat repellent as the heat is removed and passed through conduction resulting in a cooling effect. Overheating sleepers… this one’s for you! Sleep cool, all night long!

  • Contains Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Properties

These copper-infused memory foam mattresses prevent bacteria and pathogens – enabling longer stress-free, clean sleep. Copper itself is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal, and has been used in hygiene products, antiseptics and more because of these properties – having this next to your skin in a mattress can replicate these benefits. Other brands touting anit-bacterial properties tend to achieve those properties by using chemicals and sprays.

  • Compliments your sleep position

Do you sometimes feel your body is sore even after an 8-hour sleep? This could be because of your mattress. Copper-infused visco memory foam, on the other hand, brings you the best support your body needs -supporting your body points and releasing pressure and body pain. Just give the mattress one look, doesn’t it look like you are sleeping on a cloud? Ah! How your pressure points sink into softness yet the gentle firmer layers keep you comfortably supported at the same time. Pure luxe comfort.

  • Provides overall body support

Copper infused memory foam is like your medicine dispensary or your strongest painkiller! Copper is known to ease pain and inflammation and support the recovery of muscles, bones, and tissue.  A hybrid flippable mattress infused with copper will no doubt wake you up feeling fresh and ready to move throughout the day. The best part is that copper improves the skin’s appearance by improving the collagen and elastin of your skin. Imagine waking up feeling good and looking good!

Sounds like the perfect bed right? Pain-free, heat-free, bacteria-free, natural and organic for an undisturbed beauty sleep! What more can you want? 

Well…. Amore beds adds a bit of a twist to their copper-infused memory foam mattress, literally!

Hybrid Flippable Mattresses

You can flip the mattress to the side that is most comfortable. One side gives softness and the other firmness. We call it a hybrid flippable mattress. Getting two mattresses in one for better comfort. Side sleepers will love the luxury medium side as it gives a hugging feel while supporting the pressure points and the slightly firmer luxury firm side will be enjoyed by back and stomach sleepers, increasing support and less sink. That’s not all….

The 2 sides are infused with coils and foam layers. Coils act as individual shock absorbers, supporting the unique contours of your body and ensuring your spine isn’t compressed or twisted through the night. Coils also stop you from “sinking” into the mattress and add a touch of bounce while the foam layers have been specifically constructed and stacked for optimal breathability, contoured comfort, pressure-point relief, and correct spinal alignment. 

Just flip your hybrid flippable mattress every 3-6 months for a refreshed feeling surface!

Amore Beds 2-sided hybrid flippable mattresses are designed with you in mind, each is handcrafted with the love you deserve. 

Infusing Copper directly into the fabric creates a cleaner hygienic sleeping surface.  It’s quilted to provide a higher quality surface without losing its comfort and support. The quality of our 340 GSM fabric is noticeable when compared to the lower end industry average of 270 GSM.  

Who would’ve thought…. Copper…. supporting all types of sleepers.

Unlike other companies that bury their copper inside the mattress, we go further by infusing more copper directly into the fabric. This means you are in contact with the copper as you sleep with maximized effects! 

Copper-infused foam and fabric provides DOUBLE the comfort! On BOTH sides of the hybrid flippable mattress!

We tick off more boxes when it comes to the comparison of mattress companies:.

  • Thickness   
  • 2-Sided flippable options
  • Sleep trial of 100 days
  • Multiple Premium Layers
  • Premium Cover W/O Chemical Fire Stock
  • Multiple Firmness
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Warranty of 10 years +
  • Online only – reducing costly overhead

I know what you are thinking right now…. you know this luxury, organic, Visco copper-infused foam mattress sounds amazing and your body totally needs it right now but there’s that teeny tiny question of how though…. It’s understandable, a perfect sleep sounds almost impossible but I can tick one more box for you.

The mattresses are expertly engineered to help you sleep better and all 9 layers of the copper-infused mattresses are carefully selected to get that peaceful, comfortable sleep experience.

Organic Cotton Fabric

Soft, breathable, hypoallergenic sleeping surface with the option to upgrade to our performance copper infused fabric.

Quilted Clean Flame Resistance

Temperature neutral – flame resistance without harsh chemicals, toxic fiberglass, or chemical-fire socks.

Copper-infused Comfort Foam

Promoted proper spine alignment, relieves pressure points, sleeps cooler, and ward off odor causing bacteria and microbes.

Hyper-Contouring Open-Cell Transition Foam

Gently transitions from the comfort layers to the more supportive middle layers – allowing body heat to dissipate efficiently.

High-Resilience Core Construction

8-inch firm-edge coils for pressure relief, proper spinal alignment, and a sturdy transition between sleeping surfaces.

Copper Memory Foam Hybrid Layers

Definitely an upgrade you won’t get in any other mattress!

Hop on the trend and get yourself a two in one copper infused bed! No doubt, Amore will guarantee you what copper-infused foam claims! From twin size, twin XL to Queen, King, and California King size, giving you the best sleep you need with impressive health benefits. 

Looking for a therapeutic rejuvenating sleep? 

Our copper-infused visco memory foam 2-sided mattress is the right choice for you! 

A true dream… delivered! 

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