Mattresses For Campers

What to Consider When Buying A Mattress For Your Camper

The average RV or camper mattress can cost between $400 and $800, according to Having a bed in your camper is a necessity, especially if you plan to travel for more than a couple days. However, when it comes to comfort, most RV mattresses don’t guarantee a quality night’s sleep. Since every pound counts, manufacturers try to maintain the total weight of the motorhome at a minimum to increase fuel-efficiency and affordability. But, if you are committed to improving the quality of sleep while traveling, you must know how to find a mattress that improves sleep before making a purchase.

Truck You’re Driving

Before choosing any mattress in the market, consider the type of trailer you are driving. Trucks come in various different shapes, sizes, weight, and height. These factors will affect your choice of mattress. For instance, if you are riding an overhead trailer, pop up, or small space camper, buying thinner mattresses is advisable. Nonetheless, you may opt for thicker mattresses if you have extra space. That way, you will have better support and a plush feel to enhance your sleep quality in the RV. If you have a sofa bed, you can choose a sofa mattress instead of a motorhome mattress.

Mattress Size and Weight

Whether you plan to buy a king, queen, full, or twin-sized mattress, make sure to understand the different sizes and dimensions of camper mattresses to increase the chances of finding the perfect fit. In most cases, a standard mattress will fit your camper flawlessly. However, the size of the camper mattress is always a few inches shorter than the average mattress. Not to mention, residential beds weigh more than those designed for trailers. So, you will need to determine the right measurements of your camper.

Material Composition of Mattress

There are various types of mattress materials available in stores. But the most common truck mattresses are air, foam, and spring. Like any other product, each mattress type has benefits and disadvantages. For example, air mattresses offer comfort and quality sleep. When it comes to maintenance, however, they are hard to keep from damage. Foam mattresses are the most recommended because they guarantee comfort, easy maintenance, and enhanced support.

Buying RV mattresses is a process that requires extra caution. Unlike standard mattresses, those made for trucks have a smaller dimension. The design of the motorhome also affects your buying decisions. It is vital to know the model you are riding and personal preferences to ensure you pick the right size, weight, and material composition.  Some companies will also make you a custom-sized mattress, but they may charge alteration fees.

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  • so what is the point do you make custom mattresses?

    • We can make custom sizes with our 2-sided foam flippable. Unfortunately we cannot do custom sizes with our hybrids because our coils are pre-manufactured to industry standards.


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