What Does Prestressed Mean?

When something is prestressed it means that stress was already applied to the product during manufacturing. This is done to help reduce or eliminate stress on a product while it’s being used.

Concrete is often prestressed so that it can support any applied loads to avoid cracking or failing under pressure. Another good example is tractor trailers. When you see an empty semi-truck trailer, it has a slight bow to it.

This allows the trailer bed to handle extreme amounts of stress when heavy cargo is applied. The trailer levels out to become an even surface, instead of starting at an even surface and bending unfavorably when a load is applied.

Prestressed products have increased longevity and can perform well under strenuous situations.

Coils In Your Mattress

The use of coils in your mattress provides support for your body, while the other layers are more for adding comfort. There’s 3 main types of coils that are used in mattresses.

Hourglass coils are the most common type of coils. They’re less expensive to make and are known to make less noise.

Continuous coils are s-shaped and made from one long wire. They are said to be more durable and very stable.

Pocketed Coils are used to reduce motion transfer in bed. These coils have become increasingly popular over the years and are more expensive to produce. Each coil is separately wrapped in a textile material and also helps with air-movement and cooling properties of mattresses.

Pocketed Prestressed Coil Mattress

Amore Beds‘ 2-sided hybrid coil mattresses feature individually pocketed 8″ wrapped coils. Instead of being wired together, our coils are all encased individually to provide excellent motion transfer, support, and breathability.

Each spring reacts as needed instead of all springs being affected simultaneously. They respond quickly to movement and help maintain support to the contours of your body in any sleep position.

This is especially important if you or your partner tosses and turns in their sleep. Our coil system will help both of you get a better night’s sleep because you won’t be waking each other up during the night.

Another reason why our pocketed coil system is superior is because our coils are prestressed. We put them through heightened levels of stress so that the springs are already optimized. The break-in period for your mattress will be reduced because of this and the overall longevity is increased.

This does not mean that the coils are pushed down and lack springiness. It actually means the coils are more springy because they are condensed to withstand added pressure.  Since the coils are pre-stressed, they are simply preparing the mattress to have added weight compressing down upon it to provide the proper support that you demand.

The Best Hybrid Mattress Design

Our hybrid coil mattress design combines the best of innerspring and foam mattresses. Our individually wrapped coils are encased within a 8-inch coils with a 13-gauge reinforced firm edge system to eliminate that rolling-off-the-bed feeling.  Our Luxury Queen mattress has approximately 1041 coils and the King has about 1298.

On each side of the coil system is a thin scrim layer that keeps all the coils aligned and helps to ensure that each one is acting as an individual shock absorber that contours to your body for pressure relief and alignment.

The top comfort layers consist of either graphite, copper, or organic latex to ensure a cool and breathable mattress. We put only the finest materials into creating the ultimate sleep experience for our consumers.

We truly care about the quality of your sleep and that’s why we offer the best mattress at a super affordable price.

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