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Key Mattress Trends in 2023

Comfortable, supportive and durable mattresses have slowly become less of a luxury and more of an expectation. In order to cater to our increasingly busy lifestyles, the mattress industry has taken a giant leap forward over the past couple of years, testing new materials and constructing hyper-supportive mattresses that not only help you sleep well, but improve your overall health and quality of life. As we head into spring, lets take a look at some of the latest mattress trends that will help you sleep more comfortably in 2023.

Pressure Relief for Faster Recovery

With all of us leading lives that seem to get busier by the year, the most advanced mattress companies are beginning to realize that the key to a good mattress is not only comfort, but having a sleeping surface that enhances the recovery of the body. Many mattress brands still pride themselves with the outdated technologies of gel memory foam that centralizes body pressure, often leading to hot-spots and sore muscles.  Some of the newer brands who are making the world’s best mattresses have now embraced air-cell technology.

Air-cell technology replaces the traditional memory foam with millions of individually constructed air pockets. These air pockets act in a similar way to shock absorbers, releasing air as weight bears down. Because the air pockets are individually set, they are much more responsive to weight and help to spread body pressure evenly. De-centralizing pressure across the whole body leads to increased blood circulation, greater oxygen intake and a faster recovery of the muscles after a hard day.

A Reduction in Motion Transfer

Many of us have come to realize that our quality of sleep can often depend on how much our partner tosses and turns at night. Regular tossing and turning, or getting up and back into bed creates motion transfer that can result in broken sleep. Motion transfer has been an issue since the first mattress was created.

With the invention of air-cell technology, motion transfer is for the most part, an issue of the past. Because air cells are individually constructed, they only take on the pressure that is being applied directly to them. For someone tossing and turning in bed, the air-cells underneath them are providing comfort and support, while air-cells at the other end of the mattress remain unaffected by the tossing and turning. If you have a partner that tosses and turns constantly, a mattress that contains air-cell technology is the right option for you.

Temperature Control

Modern science has constantly proven that one of the keys to great sleep is maintaining an optimal body temperature throughout the night. While this sounds good in theory, the reality is that changing weather patterns often make this very difficult.

One of the main issues with traditional memory foam is that the density of the foam makes it very difficult for air to pass through. This results in hot-spots during the summer, and an ice-block of a mattress during winter. Memory foam also tends to change shape depending on the humidity levels, leading to increased discomfort.

Mattresses that utilize air-cell technology promote optimal air-flow and provide you with an incredibly comfortable sleep year-round. The unique nature of air-cell technology allows air to pass through the mattress freely, eliminating hot spots and enhancing thermo-regulation, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.


If you’re in the market for a mattress, chances are you want your purchase to last at least a decade. This can often be an issue with foam mattresses, with common materials such as gel-memory foam breaking down due to repeated friction and weight.  Ever experienced a lumpy or sagging mattress? That’s polymers within the foam losing their cell structure after constant wear and tear. Once your mattress has lumps or sags, it’s game over.

Foams that utilize air-cell technology are much more durable than standard foams. The microscopic air-pockets allow for far greater flexibility and respond better to pressure caused from weight or tossing and turning at night. Pocketed air-cells also reduce friction, resulting in long-term surface resiliency without the lumps or sag common with other foams.

As mattress companies across America scramble for market share, those that utilize air-cell technology are likely to come out on top. Air-cell technology is the most advanced mattress trend in 2023 and provides enhanced pressure relief for faster recovery, a reduction in motion transfer and optimal temperature control. One of America’s most respected mattress companies, Amore Beds has recently added this new break-through material to their best-in-class mattress utilizing air-cell technology. Their range of mattresses have 5-star reviews across the country and come in sizes from twin to California King. Amore Beds offers a 100-night free trial, 10 to 20-year warranty, free shipping & returns nationwide, and 0% APR financing*. For more information, visit amorebeds.com and take a look at their range of mattresses with air-cell technology today.

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  • I’m not sure what’s in this stuff, but it really does sleep cooler than my Beautyrest Black.

  • Psyche Atinen
    June 29, 2018 8:44 pm

    This seems so enticing with the air-cell technology that I discovered just now. It really seems to eliminate the problem with heat in having mattresses.

  • Maury Cheskes
    June 29, 2018 11:50 pm

    Really cool article. I love how the technology is adaptable depending on which season. Having one of these mattresses is definitely key to healthy living and good sleeping habits throughout the year.

  • I love the innovations brought by air-cell technology,the trends are really what are needed now.I like the trend of mattress reducing motion transfer and the idea of making air pass freely through the mattress which brings comfort both in summer and in winter.

  • Scott Summers
    June 30, 2018 12:34 am

    So even mattresses are climbing in tech now. Just days ago I saw on a TV shopping channel a bed that has along these lines of properties and I said to my self. Is sleeping good is not enough anymore?

  • First time I’ve ever heard of air-cell technology for mattresses. I don’t think I’ve ever cared about my mattress unless it feels lumpy. Something to think about then. Thanks for the tips!

  • Air-cell technology mattresses are the best,going by all the trends they have got to offer.I like the comforts it bring to users and makes one sleep comfortably all year round.

  • David Mureithi
    June 30, 2018 1:42 am

    A good matress can tell whether you slept well. Go for a comfortable and well made matress for max satisfactory.

  • I am all for that pressure control feature. This is because I’m getting old and my lower back hurts nowadays after long hours of standing and walking in the laboratory.

  • I would really like a mattress with air cell technology. I think motion transfer really bothers me. Thanks for bringing this out.

  • The body pressure release and faster muscle recovery sound wonderful for a mattress, I’d love to buy me one.

  • I sometimes want a cooler and warmer bed, depending on my mood. This foam is an enticing feature.

  • These mattress are the bomb. I dunno if id want to wake up if id lie on it.


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