Neck and back pain

Neck And Back Pain Problems

A few months ago, I woke up with neck and upper back pain so intense that I could not turn my head from side to side. I took some ibuprofen, put a heating pad on my neck and hoped for the best. The pain persisted for three days and I made an appointment with a doctor who had good reviews on Yelp. She examined my neck, asked about any injuries I may have sustained in the last few days and recommended acupuncture. Three follow-up appointments and hundreds of dollars later, I was still not feeling any better.

Finally, I had a realization. One week prior, I took my beloved pillow to the dry cleaner and I was sleeping on a spare pillow from our guest room. It was a luxurious, thick feather pillow; too thick, as it turns out. “Your neck should be in the most neutral position possible when you are sleeping” says Dr. Tiffany Juergens, a chiropractor practicing in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Based on your sleeping position, your pillow should not hold your neck up too high or let it fall too low. It should be in alignment with the rest of your spine. As soon as I got my thinner pillow back, my neck pain went away immediately.

Neck And Back Pain Solutions

Having the right sleeping gear is one of the best investments you can make into a pain-free neck and back. Many people ask “what is the most comfortable mattress?” One of the biggest considerations you should make when purchasing a mattress is your sleeping position. A supportive mattress is a good investment in your back, but many shoppers mistakenly believe that a firm mattress is the most supportive mattress. Soft and medium mattresses can also be supportive. If you sleep on your back or your stomach, a medium-firm or firm mattress is an ideal sleeping surface since it allows your spine to stay aligned while you sleep. Side sleepers will find a soft to medium mattress most supportive, since it allows your hip and shoulder to sink into the mattress, keeping your spine aligned while you sleep.

Your Options

If you and your partner both sleep in the same position, it will be easy to find a mattress that works for both of you. However, some couples have completely different needs; one needs a firm mattress and the other prefers a soft mattress. This couple should not meet in the middle and choose a medium mattress because it will be a less-than-ideal solution for both and each person could end up with back or neck pain.  In this case, a dual-zone mattress would work best since each person can choose the sleep surface that addresses their sleeping position. An Amore Beds mattress is the ideal solution for this problem; two twin XL mattresses together create a king-sized bed. Since their mattresses are two-sided and offer a firmer and softer sleeping surface, each person can choose which side works for him or her.

Back and neck pain can be serious problems that stop you from living your best life. Before you consult your doctor or commit to an expensive treatment plan, stop and assess whether you are sleeping on the right surfaces. Choosing the right pillow and mattress can make all the difference.

Have you ever found an easy solution to back and neck pain? Share in the comments below!

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  • Well I definitely believe that my back problems started from sleeping on cheap low quality mattresses. Now that I’m older I truly understand that investing in quality sleep aids is one of the best solutions one could ever make to benefit overall health.

  • Psyche Atinen
    June 29, 2018 9:40 pm

    You deal right into the shoppers’ core problems immediately. We find your product a necessity in this way.

  • I have to agree that most neck and back pains emanate from sleeping on not too good sleeping gears, one really need to invest in a good mattress and pillow. Getting a quality gears is just the right thing to do.

  • Scott Summers
    June 30, 2018 12:50 am

    I may need this mattress ASAP . It has been proven that a back pain can originate from different factors. Sleeping position is one of them that is why we need these beds and take care of ourselves too.

  • The dual-zone mattress sounds perfect for us. Partner prefers the hard side while I prefer the other.

  • David Mureithi
    June 30, 2018 1:31 am

    A good sleep is essential for the body and also for a healthy life. Choosing the right mattress is very crucial.

  • David Kamau
    June 30, 2018 1:33 am

    Good sleep is very important for a better healthy. It’s good to choose a good mattress to avoid back and head pains

  • To avoid both neck and back pain naturally one should get a thinner pillow and of course sleeping properly and on flat surfaces will surely help.Certainly choosing the right pillow and mattress can make the big difference.

  • I think I need the medium mattress, I often sleep on my side but sometimes I also sleep on my back. My mattress now is a soft one and when I sleep on my back it really hurts the next day.

  • I had similar problems myself. I had taken a pillow that wasn’t the right one for me. I noticed the pain was from the pillow when I discarded it. Now, I know better.

  • Welp, the back pain seems to get worse when you get a low-quality mattress. It’s really hard to get comfortable.

  • I think the key reason for neck and back pains is the kind of mattress and pillow you lie on. I think a good mattress will solve the problem.

  • Those pillows really do look nice.

  • Can you order your pillows without a bed purchase?


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