The Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress Uses Organic Latex

Many mattresses utilize a variety of synthetic memory foam and gels to increase comfort and support. There is nothing wrong with these technologies, but they are becoming outdated and there are better (and more organic) alternatives. If you are in the market for a new mattress, consider purchasing one made with organic latex. This type of latex is produced from the sap of a rubber tree and is free of any synthetics, pesticides, chemicals, and other man-made products. Not only is natural latex comfortable, but it can also be found in many hybrid mattresses that will stand the test of time.

Where Does Organic Latex Come From?

Unlike synthetic latex which is produced from man-made petroleum, true organic latex is harvested from rubber trees. Many mattress companies attempt to pass off synthetic latex as organic latex by calling it “natural.” This is extremely misleading; many consumers do not know that their “natural” latex mattress contains numerous man-made additives.

You don’t need to worry about potentially harmful fillers when purchasing an organic latex mattress. Such mattresses may contain other additives, such as curing agents and soaps, which are required to make the latex more supple and comfortable. These ingredients are nontoxic, and unlike other common mattress additives, they do not serve to extend the volume of the latex or dilute it.

What Is the Global Organic Latex Standard?

This Global Organic Latex Standard is currently supported by the latex industry as a whole. GOLS latex is organically harvested in a sustainable manner that is great for the environment. The standard recognizes products such as mattresses, and to meet GOLS, all the raw materials used to produce them must comply with certain requirements related to their organic origin. Only a small number and type of fillers may be used and transaction certificates at all stages of the supply chain are required, allowing consumers to trace the origins of their mattress and other latex products from the plantation to the shelf.

How Does a Latex Mattress Feel?

Since you will be spending at least seven to eight hours a night on your mattress, you should choose one that feels supportive. Latex mattresses are often described as “bouncy” or “springy” due to their responsiveness. When you press down on a latex mattress, you can see it snap back in place almost instantly. As you move across the bed, the latex reverts to its natural shape, so you won’t feel “stuck” in place or disturb your sleeping partner too much.

Although latex mattresses are described as springy, they still offer a comfortable cradling sensation. Although they don’t encompass your body in the same manner as memory foam, they are resilient enough to offer the support you are looking for.

Latex is also cooling, primarily because it doesn’t completely contour to your body’s shape. The space between your mattress and your body allows air to circulate and remove body heat. Latex may be added to your luxury hybrid mattress to enhance its cooling ability.

How Durable Is Organic Latex?

If you are looking for a durable mattress that can provide support for years to come, you should consider buying an organic latex mattress. Latex is famous for its unmatched durability; it is not uncommon for owners of such mattresses to still get a good night’s sleep after 12-15 years of regular use. This is especially true for well-constructed, luxury, organic latex mattresses. Blended and synthetic latex models have a significantly shorter lifespan and often need to be replaced after just 3 to 5 years.

Is a Hybrid Mattress Right for You?

Hybrid mattresses utilize the qualities of both a foam and innerspring mattress, so they offer the best of both worlds. They typically have pocketed coil support topped with a thick layer of foam.

Both hybrid and latex mattresses can regulate body temperature, but only latex does so naturally with no gels or foams. If you want a long-lasting, supportive hybrid, choose one that incorporates organic latex into its construction.

Learn More About Organic Latex Hybrid Mattresses

If you are interested in a luxury hybrid mattress that incorporates organic latex, visit the Amore Beds website.  They offer a wide variety of high-end mattresses that are sure to lull you to sleep and provide unparalleled support for many years, with fast manufacturing and shipping times. Learn more about their hybrid mattress selection.

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