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Having trouble sleeping with these sticky summer nights? Most people across the country struggle to adapt to a regular sleeping pattern, with the heat and humidity often a major factor. Outside of spending big bucks on air conditioning or a thermo-regulating mattress, there are a few simple sleeping accessories you can purchase to help you survive the summer season. Here, we list our top 4 sleeping accessories for this summer and what you need to look for when purchasing.

1: Invest in the right pillow

Looking for a sure-fire way to sleep more comfortably this summer? We recommend investing in a new pillow. Research shows that most people keep the same pillow for 5+ years, when in reality, standard polyester pillows should be replaced every 6 months and memory foam pillows every 18-36 months. As time wears on, pillows tend to lose their shape, and build-up from dust-mite accumulation can cause serious health issues.

If you’re looking to sleep more comfortably, there are newer pillows on the market that offer a shoulder-cut design to help align your neck and spine with the mattress, improving comfort and easing pain.  To sleep cooler, look for breathable pillows with ventilation that regulate temperature and facilitate the efficient transfer of airflow. In simpler terms, these pillows spread the heat from your head away from the pillow so you don’t get hot.  There are also pillows available that are infused with charcoal or copper; these pillows are naturally hypoallergenic, eliminate odors, absorb excess moisture and offer other additional health benefits.

2: Breathable sheets make all the difference

One of the simplest ways to improve the quality of your sleep during summer is to change your sheets. Most sheets available in the big box stores are a poly-cotton blend, which is the wrong material for comfort. Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is essentially plastic. Polyester doesn’t breathe, which means that when you lie on it, your body heat has nowhere to escape and that heat is recycled back into your body.

To sleep more comfortably, look for sheets that are 100% cotton or bamboo rayon. Both of these fabrics are completely natural and inherently breathable, allowing air to pass out of your body and through the sheets. The result? Supreme comfort during those hot summer nights.

Pro tip: Bamboo fabric is ideal for those with sensitive skin and naturally contains hypoallergenic and odor-resistant properties.

3: Protect your mattress

Most mattresses are designed to last 10+ years, however misuse or failing to protect your mattress can severely limit its lifespan. The easiest way to prolong the life of your mattress is to use a high-quality mattress protector.

Mattress protectors fit right over the top of your mattress and underneath the sheets. As the name suggests, they’re designed to protect from general wear and tear, but also help to keep the mattress dry and limit exposure to dust-mites and bed bugs. An extra layer can also result in extra comfort.

When choosing a mattress protector, make sure it’s of good quality and offers cooling or breathability properties.  Cheaper mattress protectors will have a noisy plasticky feel and actually cause you to sweat because they don’t allow air to pass through. High quality mattress protectors will allow air to pass through while safeguarding against liquid damage. Newer materials can also respond to moisture level changes in the environment, enhancing dryness in times of high humidity and eliminating clammy discomfort during summer.

4: Make sure your foundation is solid

Mattress bases tend to be the most overlooked component of the sleeping experience- chances are you aren’t sure of what mattress base you’re sleeping on yourself! While seemingly insignificant, mattress bases can make or break your nights’ sleep.

If you’re looking for a cooler nights’ sleep, make sure there’s no junk stored under your bed. The more clearance (room underneath) a base has, the easier it is for hot air to flow out of the mattress and away from your body. If motion transfer is an issue, double check to make sure your bed is sitting firm on the floor- this is especially important for mattress bases with adjustable legs, as any height difference will drastically increase motion transfer. For those who enjoy watching TV in bed, you could also take a look at a number of the latest adjustable mattress bases on the market, some of which offer good stability, decent clearance and flexible comfort.

All your sleeping accessories in one place

Sleeping cool during summer doesn’t have to break the bank and with a few simple purchases based on the tips above, you’ll be well on your way to your most comfortable summer ever. At online stores like, they have a number of competitively priced sleeping accessories available, some of which are mentioned above. If you’re after a cool, comfortable sleep, take a look at their range of options, or reach out to their helpful team for more information.

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