Aquarium Mattress Bed

Dreaming Differently: Unusual Décor Concepts for Stylish Bedrooms

“You are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both.” — John Wildsmith

The words “bedroom design” may conjure up images of a traditional space with little more than a bed, side tables, and perhaps, a vanity. While when it comes to bedrooms, tidy, uncluttered, relaxing elements make for a restful night’s sleep, however, there is no reason to limit artistry, personal expression, or novelty when it comes to design. Whether biophilic, minimalist, or traditional styles are your choice, you can turn your bedroom into a place of enchantment; one that pleases the senses when the lights are on and provides the comfort, peace, and silence you need when you tell Alexia to envelop you in welcome darkness.

Taking Biophilic Principles to the Next Level

One of the buzzwords in contemporary design—one that is already a movement and a lifestyle choice rather than a mere trend—is biophilic design. This principle seeks to eliminate the sometimes striking divide between interior design and the great outdoors, embracing nature elements and inspirations. Events such as the global shakedown of 2020 have revealed the extent to which nature can heal and provide a sense of escape. Study after study has shown that plants and natural features can reduce stress dramatically, making biophilic elements an important pillar of good mental health. There are many unique ways to embrace this style in your bedroom. These include fitting your room with a living vertical ‘green wall’ containing resilient indoor plants, filling your room with plants both at the floor level and hanging over your bed, and affixing slabs of reclaimed wood to items such as the posters on a four-poster bed. Add to the magic by choosing bright, vivid nature-inspired wallpaper, upholstery, 

Incorporating Semi-Precious Gemstones and Metals

People with an eye for design are always seeking out unique design components that transform their bedroom into a feast for the eyes; one they aren’t likely to see in other homes. One trend that is making this dream come true for discerning customers is the use of semi-precious materials such as metals and gemstones. One such material is agate, which is available in multiple colors (including red, green, black, and white) and boasts a stunning, marbled effect. Another stylish choice is brass, which does not rust and which comes in three different hues: bright, antique, and brushed. For an eye-catching statement wall, materials such as malachite, amethyst, agate, aquamarine, peridot, pearl, quartz, garnet, moonstone, opal, turquoise, and tanzanite can all be used, either as slabs or as decorative touches.

Living Bedrooms

One of the main aims of bedroom design is to promote good sleep, and those who could spend hours contemplating the graceful movement of fish are incorporating aquariums into their design plans. Imagine a curved headboard that houses schools of fish of all colors, living plants, and all the decorative elements that a large-size aquarium accommodates. Or a statement wall featuring a large, metal-framed circle filled with aquatic life and gently bubbling water. Integrated lighting creates an otherworldly blue glow that you can intensify or dim, and you can maximize its effect by including blue LED light features in areas such as your bed frame. 

Unique Resting Features

If you have a large bedroom, and you enjoy spending time in this space reading, listening to music, or using your laptop, incorporating spaces for resting or lounging within your bedroom can transform it into the perfect entertainment spot. Currently trending are statement pieces such as flow wall desks (comprising curved desks that are legless and instead, attached to the wall in artistic shapes), vault circles (attached to the wall or shelves and featuring a single sphere with space and cushions for seating), and hanging chairs (in a myriad of styles, running from boho chic macramé to teak suspended rocking chairs in oval and round shapes). Some of these seats come in extra-large sizes and accommodate more than one person, so friends and family can join you while you chill out. 

Bedrooms don’t have to be simple, traditional, or standard. They can (and many would say should) include elements that make you feel happy, relaxed, and embraced by comfort. From aquatic headboards to hanging boho chairs, many elements will make a big difference to your bedroom experience. Changes can be as simple as bringing in floor and hanging pots to embrace nature and make you feel like you have entered a garden getaway every time you enter your bedroom.

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