Seniors In Bed

A New Bed May Help A Senior Conquer Sleep Problems

Seniors are prone to a range of sleep problems, including insomnia and sleep apnea, and some sleep problems in older adults are triggered by underlying health issues, from heart problems to allergies to arthritis and beyond. Seniors deserve deep and healing rest, and the right beds will help them to get it. When a mattress is chosen with a specific senior’s needs in mind, it will offer just the right level of support, as well as other features that promote good health and good sleep.

Soft mattresses will be easy on pressure points

Seniors may start experiencing sleep problems because they have physical challenges or emotional stress, such as the pain of losing a partner. Some seniors who are having trouble sleeping comfortably benefit from soft mattresses that provide plenty of cushioning to sensitive pressure points. For example, a senior who has problems with hips or shoulders may find that a soft mattress is gentler on these particular pressure points. Soft mattresses contour to the body, because they are quite flexible, so they effectively cradle the body during sleep. These mattresses are generally good choices for older people who sleep on their backs or sides. Soft mattresses are also good choices for seniors who are on the smaller side, such as those weighing under 130 pounds, as these people may be too lightweight to get a good contour from firmer mattresses.

Medium-firm mattresses are good for back pain sufferers

Back pain is an epidemic in America, which effects all age groups, and many seniors live with this type of pain regularly. Seniors with this particular health issue will do well with medium-firm mattresses. People with back pain tend to experience less discomfort on medium-firm mattresses, versus firm mattresses, according to Web MD, and this goes against the conventional wisdom that a firmer mattress is always better for a bad back. A little cushioning is needed, in addition to a good level of support, and a medium-firm mattress will provide both. In terms of body size, seniors 130 pounds to 250 pounds should be ideal candidates for medium-firm support.

Firm mattresses are ideal for extra support

Firm mattresses provide extra support, and they may be good choices for seniors who find it hard to sleep deeply because their partners are sharing their beds with them. With a firm mattress, a senior won’t be able to detect the movements of his or her partner. Some seniors are light sleepers who wake up all too easily, but firm mattresses may make it easier for them to stay asleep when their partners move around. These types of mattresses align the body properly, keeping everything in the proper position.

Now that you know more about beds for seniors, you’ll be ready to choose the mattress that’s exactly right. The perfect mattress, such as a hybrid design that has inner coils and a soft top layer, in the desired level of firmness, may promote soothing rest that is great for your health, or the health of a senior that you care about. So, why not start shopping for a better mattress today?

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