Quality Of Your Mattress Affects The Quality Of Your Intimacy

How The Quality Of Your Mattress Affects The Quality Of Your Intimacy

More than a third of Americans are unhappy with their sex lives. One possible reason for this is mattress quality. A mattress, depending on its quality, can positively or negatively influence satisfaction. Here’s why changing your mattress can improve your relationship.

More Space

A couple who feel frustrated in a twin-sized bed have good reason. A twin bed is sufficient for many purposes, but it’s difficult to share intimate moments without unnecessary drama and frustration. A larger mattress allows much more room for intimacy to develop naturally, and couples can explore their physical relationship comfortably. A mattress specifically designed to support the weight of two people is a much better fit for a couple trying to share an intimate moment. Queen, king, and California king are the best sizes for most couples.

More Bounce

A larger mattress, however, is only part of the equation. A big mattress that doesn’t offer enough support may inhibit intimacy and decrease satisfaction, according to sex therapist Nagma V. Clark. Thus, it’s equally important to have a mattress that’s bouncy enough to facilitate sexual activity without being too bouncy. Too much bounce and not enough support can make it difficult for partners to move comfortably and can result in injuries, as well as decreasing satisfaction. Performance issues can occur when the mattress does not offer enough support, and the resulting embarrassment can even lead to long-term problems. As such, a foam/innerspring hybrid mattress suits many intimate couples.

Less Noise

When choosing a hybrid, it’s important to be careful about the springs. A springy mattress, while adequately bouncy, creates the worst ambiance for sex – especially in a house shared with other people. Springs can be loud, and this can be embarrassing for everyone. For this reason a mattress without loud springs or coils is a good choice. Memory foam has neither, but it may not provide enough support. The best mattress for couples appears to be a large, hybrid mattress with inconspicuous coils.

Best Mattress For Sex

A good mattress can make all the difference to the quality of your physical relationship. If it’s not large, bouncy, supportive and quiet, it may be time for a change.  Our recommendation for a high quality mattress with the right combination between comfort, support, and bounce would be this Luxury Hybrid.

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