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Mattress Cooling Technology for The Win

The memory foam mattress world has grown immensely over the years. Many mattress makers are still using standard memory foam or various forms of gels in their mattress, but those technologies are over 15 years old.  Newer mattress companies have gotten with the times and utilize the latest in breathable cooling technology.  There is a better alternative to using gels or toxic chemicals.  Surprisingly, optimal cooling can be achieved from the actual makeup of the materials themselves.

Modern science has allowed mattress manufacturers to better understand how our bodies react through the night to different substrates and polymers. As a result, mattress cooling technology has progressed at a rapid rate to the point where modern materials greatly enhance breathability, moisture control and thermo-regulation.

Open-Cell Technology- How does it work?

Open-cell technology refers to the practice of manufacturing foams that are made up of millions of tiny air chambers. These air chambers have two main functions:

  • They act as individual “shock absorbers” and effectively cushion the weight that is directly on top of them. This results in optimal body weight distribution, relieving pain from common pressure points
  • The air chambers give body heat an effective escape route away from your body and out of the mattress

When we talk about a mattress “breathing,” we’re referring to its ability to absorb and dissipate body heat. If you tend to sleep hot at night, finding a mattress that breathes well should be a top priority.

What does “Moisture Wicking” Mean? 

The idea of moisture wicking refers to materials within a mattress that draw moisture away from the body and out towards the exterior of the mattress where it is able to evaporate more easily. Materials that wick moisture away from the body have a couple of benefits:

  • Materials that wick moisture away from your body naturally allow you to stay dry, eliminating clammy sleep
  • The drier you are during the night, the more comfortable you sleep. Dryness is often an important factor in allowing you to stay in periods of “deep sleep” for longer

If keeping dry during the night is important to you, look for mattresses that have a layer of wool (preferably organic) sewn into a cotton cover. Wool naturally wicks moisture away from the body without the use of chemicals. There are also foams that wick moisture away from the body and ideally they should be near the top of the mattress where they are able to interact with the natural functions of the body more efficiently. 100% natural latex wicks moisture superbly.

Breathability + Moisture Control = Optimal Thermoregulation

When mattresses are designed to breathe (open-cell technology) and draw moisture away from the body (wicking), the result is often better thermoregulation. Thermoregulation refers to the provision of a stable body temperature though the night. When we’re not sleeping on the right mattress, we can easily retain heat or allow moisture (sweat) to “sit” on our body. This greatly influences our core body temperature (positive and negative), leading to increased discomfort and frustrating nights.

If you want to sleep cool and comfortable year-round, we recommend our Luxury Hybrid mattress with natural latex.

Why the Amore Luxury Hybrid?

Specifically designed to help you sleep cool each and every night, our Luxury Hybrid mattress utilizes the latest in open-cell cooling technology and moisture wicking materials. The hybrid nature of our mattress ensures body heat dissipates quickly while a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) wool layer and 100% natural latex top 3-inch foam layer promote optimal moisture wicking.

The features don’t end there either. The ultimate 12-½” Luxury Hybrid mattress also includes:

  • Ultra-breathable organic cotton that can be upgraded to therapeutic copper-ion infused bamboo for a healthier, cleaner, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial mattress.
  • Two-inches of optimized open-cell transition poly-foam contours to your body for greater pressure relief and proper spinal alignment.  This reduces tossing and turning, eliminates motion transfer, and provides a great night’s sleep.
  • Smart-Edge reinforced coil rail system provides better sitting support without affecting the sleeping surface.  All supported by a one-inch thick firm structural base layer.
  • Individually wrapped six-inch Precision-Pocketed Coils that have been pre-stressed to adapt to every sleep position to isolate movement and promotes warm air to escape.

Make The Informed Decision…

There’s too many companies out there claiming to be the best mattress for everyone, and only offer one type of mattress.

Amore Beds offers a new Luxury Hybrid with two comfort levels of Luxury-Medium, and Luxury-Firm to suit any sleep preference. You can also choose to split your mattress into dual-firmness halves if you and your partner have different comfort requirements.

Don’t fall for the “one size fits all” scam!  Personalize your Luxury Hybrid mattress for your best sleep ever!

With so many premium materials, people assume our Luxury Hybrid mattress is too expensive, however we’re able to deliver this premium mattress to you at a reduced cost direct from the factory.  We keep our costs down by skipping over the middleman and commissioned salesmen.  Most brands opt for higher profits and deliver a lower quality product by skimping out on thick comfort layers and open-cell cooling technology.  Other brands brag about using CertiPUR-US certified materials and then they wrap them with a chemical fire-sock.  Amore Beds pulls out all the stops with a multitude of luxury features with a better value than any other out there. If you’re interested in the Luxury Hybrid for yourself or a loved one, come check it out here.

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