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4/5Rating score

Kelli Haggerty - WA

13 January, 2023

Small Improvement, But A Meaningful One

"I've always had sleep issues and even though I was hoping for a miracle, I wasn't expecting one. I am not getting any more or less sleep, but what I am noticing is that I'm feeling more well rested as if I'm getting a higher quality sleep. Maybe just a deeper REM, but I finally have enough energy in the mornings to exercise in the mornings without dragging by the end of my day."

5/5Rating score

Nicole Burton - ID

10 January, 2023

Fantastic Customer Support!

"t's a pleasure to be assisted by such a knowledgeable staff. I wasn't sure what I wanted and they helped guide me through the painful process of finding the right mattress for me. A+ It worked out perfect!"

5/5Rating score

Clair Williams - Georgia

14 December, 2022

No Pressure Point Issues

"We purchased the Amore Beds 12" Foam Flippable 4 months ago and it has been amazing! It allows me to sink in without leaving any gaps which will cause pressure point strain. I know how mattresses are supposed to sleep and this does a great job at a great price point."

5/5Rating score

Faith Beach - MO

28 November, 2022

So Good That I Felt Compelled To Leave A Review

"I don't typically leave reviews, but to help offset all the people who only leave reviews when they are mad, I decided to leave one because this mattress is excellent. I've had it a few years now and I just purchased another. It has held up well and there's minimal signs of use."

5/5Rating score

Vanessa Boyla - LA

21 November, 2022

Glad We Went With Amore and not some zipper-covered garbage!

"After reading this article by, we are glad we did not get one of those cheapo mattresses (claiming to be high-end) with zipper covers. Turns out they put the zippers on there to speed up the manufacturing process and you actually are NOT supposed to unzip 95% of them. If you do, be careful of the toxic fiberglass that they can release into the air and NONE of them recommend washing it or you will never get it back on :( The fine-print says to spot wash only just as you would a higher-end mattress with a permanently affixed quilted cover that uses organic wool for fire-protection instead of a chemical fiberglass fire-sock. Thanks Amore and CertiPUR for keeping us informed. I feel so bad for all the folks who purchased a mattress thinking that a zipper-cover was a good thing. No zippers and no fiberglass with Amore. I feel that much better knowing that I truly did get a quality product and not some BS advertising that I almost fell for from so many others."

3/5Rating score

Ashly Sulton - Pittsburgh

14 November, 2022

Too Cold

"It kept nice and cool in the summertime when it was hot outside, but now that it's cold again, the mattress is cold when you crawl into bed. I find myself turning the heat up a bit before getting into bed. Other than that, it's pretty comfortable."

Hi Ashly, Most folks would consider this to be a good problem to have. None-the-less, a couple of ways to fix this would be to get a mattress pad or even a heated blanket to put beneath your fitted sheet.

5/5Rating score

Cindy Pritchet

14 November, 2022

Threepeat Customer

"Been very happy with this company and their products. We like their mattress so much, we bought them as gifts for our adult kids. They said they did have any problems with their existing mattresses, but they both said that their Amore was indeed an improvement."

Great, thank you for your continued support! It means the world to us :) Don't forget to claim your referral bonus!

2/5Rating score

Mary Ann Yakabi - Twisp

30 October, 2022

Difficult to return

"The mattress might be fine but it took numerous attempts to return it in the trial period. I had to contact them several times and over and over they told me to rotate or that it needed more time to decompress or it should not have been slept in the first few days. Over and over! Once they finally agreed to pick it up, they informed me I would be charged for the “free” pillows, one of which I had given away. I questioned this and they said most companies want the promotional items back as well. Not so. Helix, Dream Cloud, and Nectar do not. I was charged for the pillow. I’ve tried several beds this way and this was the most difficult company."

Hi Mary Ann, If the mattress was fine, then why were you in such a hurry to return it? We are sorry to hear you've had to return so many mattresses, but we do have an honest 30-night sleep trial requirement and it looks like you tried to return it prior to 30 nights. It really does take at least 30 nights for all the foam cells to get to their designed firmness and we are sorry you were in such a hurry to return it. There's probably a good chance that many of those other mattresses may have worked out if you were able to give them a bit more time. We were not difficult; we were simply asking you to help troubleshoot the problem since the mattress would have likely been fine if you were able to give it one more week. We simply asked you to give it a little more time and we also asked you to rotate it. When you contacted us after that, we processed your return. You are incorrect about Nectar and Dreamcloud with their promotional accessories. They will give you a free bundle, but they do charge you an excessive retail cost of that bundle if you return the mattress. We try to be as up-front as possible in saying that all promotional items need to be returned if there is a mattress return because Yes, unfortunately there are plenty of folks out there buying mattresses and returning them just to keep the promotional items. We did charge you $15 for the missing pillow and we are sorry if that soured your experience.

5/5Rating score

Brian N - Clearwater, FL

12 October, 2022

Three Years, Still loving it

"My wife and I ordered the Luxury Hybrid mattress three years ago. (Queen, Luxury Firm, Copper Ion-Infused) We are both heavier than average. Still no sagging, no soft spots, no weird edge roll, as great as when we first got it, and we still love this mattress. (Previously I had a fancy pillowtop Beautyrest that sagged and warranty-replaced in under a year, which also lasted under a year.) I'm writing this review because I came to price out a king size upgrade for this same mattress (We have two dogs now that are allowed in the bed and the wife wants more room.) and realized I never came back and wrote my intended review for this purchase. Everyone writes reviews when they get a great new thing, but initial quality doesn't tell you if it's going to hold up. This is. Thanks, Amore!"

4/5Rating score

Kathy Ridge

09 October, 2022

Better Than The Rest

"I'm leaving this review because I saw other's complaining about the break-in period. I've been through a few other mattresses and all of these rolled mattresses tend to have the same issues where it takes a while before they get comfortable, but it's usually more pronounced in thicker mattresses because they need to compress them so tight. They usually say a couple weeks, but we've seen that it usually takes 4 to 5 weeks. They are horrible the first week or two, but gradually get better. Flipping and rotating does help. Ours sort of rolled to the middle around the 3rd week, but that did get better shortly after and now we are very happy because we finally found a winner."

5/5Rating score

Tory Lynn

14 September, 2022

Saved Our Marriage

"We have a split King setup, so he got the firmer one and I got the softer medium one in Twin XL's to make that king. Both feel great and we are both very happy. He has even tested out my softer side and we both can't decide which we like more, but we are certain we made the right decision with Amore's 2-sided hybrids."

3/5Rating score

Amanda G

09 September, 2022

Takes A While To Decompress

"I have their Luxury Hybrid and love it, so I thought I'd get the Flippable Foam mattress, but it took a solid 3 weeks for all the foam cells to completely expand in order to become comfortable. Yes, I finally do love the mattress, but there were many nights where I was certain I was going to return it. Flipping and rotating it helped. I'm told this is an issue with all online rolled foam mattresses, so maybe I'll just stick with a hybrid next time which only took a week or two to fall in love with."

This is common with mostly all rolled mattresses. Depending on the materials and layers, some will get comfortable sooner than others. Latex is so dense that it can take a month, where many memory foams will only take a week or two. But ultimately, the folks who can tough it out have all agreed that it was worth it.

5/5Rating score

Mandi Harold - MI

03 September, 2022

I can't wait to get back to my cottage

"I purchased one of these for my cottage and this mattress alone makes me want to keep coming back Whenever we have guests, the one thing they all comment on is how nice the mattresses are and I tell them they're Amore!"

5/5Rating score

Ryan Deese

30 August, 2022

Quality Product

"Very happy with this 2-sided Natural Mattress. Great quality and great customer support. Thanks."

5/5Rating score

Jessica P

16 August, 2022

So Nice Dealing With An Honest American Company

"It was so nice dealing with an honest American company with a quality product. I did not need to buy any accessories because I got stuck with the over-priced garbage that came free with my Nectar bundle until I needed to return it. Nectar charged me $499 for some sub-par sheets, protector and pillows that they would not refund me for when I needed to return their sub-par mattress; what a joke. And I needed to put the queen mattress on top of my Prius and drive it to a donation center myself. Amore is about 5x better in quality than Nectar, but it's hard to tell that difference from a computer monitor."