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5/5Rating score

Ryan Deese

30 August, 2022

Quality Product

"Very happy with this 2-sided Natural Mattress. Great quality and great customer support. Thanks."

5/5Rating score

Jessica P

16 August, 2022

So Nice Dealing With An Honest American Company

"It was so nice dealing with an honest American company with a quality product. I did not need to buy any accessories because I got stuck with the over-priced garbage that came free with my Nectar bundle until I needed to return it. Nectar charged me $499 for some sub-par sheets, protector and pillows that they would not refund me for when I needed to return their sub-par mattress; what a joke. And I needed to put the queen mattress on top of my Prius and drive it to a donation center myself. Amore is about 5x better in quality than Nectar, but it's hard to tell that difference from a computer monitor."

4/5Rating score

Glen B

16 August, 2022

Good Except For The Break-In

"I took a star off because it was a bit firm at first, but after rotating it and jumping on it a little bit, it softened up after a couple months. I suppose it's better to start out a little firm and have the mattress soften up to the right spot rather than starting out perfect and softening up to be too soft. I had an extra comforter laying around which helped soften up the mattress until the mattress was able to soften on it's own. They told me it's similar to a new couch that starts out pretty firm until it gets broken in which makes sense. Happier now."

5/5Rating score

Adam L - MI

10 August, 2022

So Glad To Be Home

"With every vacation that I go on, I'm so happy to get home back into my Amore Beds mattress. From hotels to Airbnb's, none of them can compare to my Amore. I've started checking what the mattresses are that I'm sleeping on just to tell friends and family how much better Amore is in comparison. For the most part, all the Tempur products sleep insanely HOT. For the hotel brands, they try to stick with a 8" to 10" mattress and they just don't taper down properly for a side sleeper. They let you sink down a couple inches and then you hit a super firm layer. I do not have these problems with my Amore which costs half as much as these others that claim to have it all. Don't fall for these other guys BS advertising and just get the Amore and be happy."

5/5Rating score

Ben Lynch

04 August, 2022

What A Bargain!

"My local sleep store gave me a dozen reasons as to why a 2-sided mattress won't be as comfortable as any of their 1-sided mattresses. I decided to chance it thinking their reasoning might be a little biased since they didn't offer any 2-sided options. I'm glad I did. This 2-sided Natural Hybrid feels better than their supposedly high-end $4000 mattresses. I thought $2k for an online mattress was a lot, but now I see it's quite a bargain compared to what my retail store almost scammed me out of."

5/5Rating score

Katy Morris

30 July, 2022

Absolutely Love 'This Mattress

"Absolutely Love 'This Mattress. If you are worried about the high price, it less expensive than the Avocado and most other organic mattresses. This spend was well worth it for the better sleep that we've been getting."

4/5Rating score

Jennah Class

28 July, 2022

No More Back Pain!

"When I spoke with their customer support and explained my back pain issues, they told me that their mattresses do not perform miracles, but I beg to differ. They did explain that the issue could be my old mattress and that their mattresses will provide proper comfort and support, but it still feels like a miracle to me. Very happy. I took a star off because UPS had some delays in delivery."

5/5Rating score

Anne B

25 July, 2022

Love, Love, LOVE This Mattress

"I was very nervous about buying a mattress without trying it, but their easy website, expert customer service, and solid reviews helped put me at ease."

5/5Rating score

Drew Williamson

21 July, 2022

It Was A No-Brainer

"Not much of a decision that needs to be mane when this is about the same price as all the 1-sided mattresses out there. Thanks for the great prices and quality. My sister said that she wants one now too :)"

5/5Rating score

Linda White

19 July, 2022

A Very High Quality Topper

"This is a very nice topper. It's probably nicer than what I needed or was expecting, but since we have one of their mattresses, we thought we would see if this would work with the mistake we made when we got a Nectar. Next time we will just start with the Amore and be happy."

4/5Rating score

Tanya Williamson

06 July, 2022

A Good Economic Solution

"I don't have any special requirements for a mattress, so this was a nice economical solution. Looks like it has a lot of quality features at an economical price-point. Very comfortable."

5/5Rating score

Andrea Millen

05 July, 2022

Exactly What I Wanted

"There's not many quality 2-sided mattresses out there anymore these days, but this mattress it top-notch. Easy ordering and fast delivery, thanks!"

5/5Rating score

Walter Haulenbeek - 117 NC Hwy 731 E Candor NC 27229

05 July, 2022

"I have received the bedframe and mattress protector. When is my mattress supposed to arrive?"

Hi Walter, All customer orders are made fresh per individual order and typically take about 3 to 4 full business days to manufacture. Then between 3 to 5 business days in transit. We do expect this to ship out tomorrow and you should have it by the weekend. We will keep you posted with tracking info.

4/5Rating score

Jenny Radeese - 97124

20 June, 2022

Hight Quality Mattress For Hight Standards

"I'm always criticized for having high standards, but I'm glad this mattress was able to live up to them. A little more supportive that I was expecting, but it's not a hard support, so it still feels good."

4/5Rating score


07 June, 2022


"Very supportive, yet still comfortable. Has an old-school mattress feeling which is what I've been used to sleeping on since I was just a kid. I'm glad I finally found a mattress that works for me and I don't need to worry about any foreign or harmful chemicals."